Different Types of SEO Packages for Different Business Needs

Different Types of SEO Packages for Different Business Needs

In this competitive world, every SEO company has different types of SEO packages to offer, each claiming their packages to be affordable, effective and of high-quality. However, it completely depends on you to decide as to which type of package will suit your business requirements. For example, if you are targeting local customers, you may opt for Local  packages, if you’re struggling to achieve top ranking in the search engine results, you may look for Standard  packages, if you want your brand to be recognized globally, you may approach National  packages, and likewise you’ll be searching the packages until you find the best-suited SEO package that adds value to your business.

What are the Types of SEO Packages

Here is a list of some of the typical SEO packages that are designed and compiled according to your general business requirements:

1.Basic or Standard SEO Packages

Basic or Standard SEO packages are generally offered by the SEO company at a fixed cost. It includes all the basic services that are essential to boost the online ranking of businesses of all types. This type of package is beneficial for startups or individuals who are low on budget. So, with less investment, you can still start your basic search engine optimization. Moreover, basic  packages focus on less competitive keywords and therefore, it is not recommended for businesses who are targeting large metropolitan cities, states or countries.

Basic SEO packages usually includes keyword research and optimization, internal linking optimization, content writing and optimization, meta title, meta tag and meta description optimization, baseline ranking reports, initial backlink analysis, limited number of web page optimization and more.

2.Local SEO Packages

Local SEO is an effective way to market your local business online and make it available for your local audience at the time of their need. Local SEO is a boon for small businesses or startups who are targeting small geographical areas, i.e. a city, state or a country. An SEO company that provides local packages helps small business owners by understanding their business requirements and optimizing their business website using technical and content optimization strategies.

Local SEO packages usually include keyword research and analysis, link development, content writing, local business listing and optimization, competitive analysis, Google analytics reports, advanced on-page SEO, title and meta tag optimization, online listings, search engine ranking reports and more.

3.National SEO Packages

National packages are suitable for businesses who are targeting national as well as international audience. Unlike Local SEO packages, Global packages are robust, highly-effective and best suited for businesses having higher-level of competition. The SEO experts coherently work upon the highly-competitive keywords to help the businesses dominate the organic search market with the help of those keywords.

National packages usually include, SEO audits related to technical and content optimization, content writing and marketing, traffic analysis, competitive analysis, on-page and off-page SEO, title and meta tag optimization, search engine ranking reports, conversion tracking and more.

4.eCommerce SEO Packages

Unlike any other website, eCommerce websites have a different approach and functionality. The SEO experts must ensure that your e-store is easily navigable, all the pages are logically connected and the content including the product description, titles, and images are properly optimized. An eCommerce package encompasses all aspects of eCommerce SEO and helps the merchants to sell their products easily and earn huge profits with perfect eCommerce SEO strategies.

eCommerce SEO packages usually include competition analysis, location targeting, on-page optimization, data markups, local search engine optimization, content optimization and marketing, off-page submissions, conversion tracking, search engine ranking reports and more.

5.SEO Audit Packages

Many organizations or businesses have their own in-house SEO team that maintains their business’ online presence. These companies have their own resources and SEO strategies that they use to improve and maintain their ranking in the search engine results. However, everyone approaches a doctor for a regular checkup. There are SEO companies that use cutting-edge analyzing and tracking tools to assess your website. They review your website and produce SEO audit reports that are related to technical and content optimization, loading speed of the website, link analysis and more.

SEO Content Audit usually includes keyword research and analysis, content optimization, content development, and competitive analysis.

Technical SEO Audit includes website loading speed analysis, user experience and usability, 404 Error analysis, 301 Redirect analysis, checking of crawlability, HTML sitemaps, URL structure, internal linking, baseline ranking, SEO audit reports and more.


This article gives you a basic idea about the different types of  packages. However, if you purchase any  package, not all of its services might be useful for your business. Hence, it can be a waste of your money and time which is a loss to your business’ productivity. This is when the customized  packages prompts in. With customized SEO packages, you only have to pay for services that add value to your business. So, as it is said, ‘look before you leap’, choose your SEO packages wisely to avoid any unintended consequence.

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