Directory Submission – Doing it the Right Way

Directory Submission – Doing it the Right Way

Directory submission is the process of adding a website to a web directory. This is done by submitting a short description along with an appropriate title. The title and the description should be full of rich keywords. The main purpose of doing this is to get high quality back links for your website.

Directory submission is targeted towards creating one way links to a website. This helps to generate more traffic to your website and improve search engine rankings. The process is very easy and can be understood and followed by anyone who has a basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This knowledge is required so that you can maximum your results.

The four most important things to look for while submitting your site to directories are:

  1. Higher PageRank
  2. Alexa Rank that shows how much traffic the directory receives
  3. The number of clicks from your homepage to your category
  4. The number of links to your directory
  1. The first step is to study the website for which you are going to start the work for. Is the website complete and up to par? All the links on the various pages working? You then need to have your titles and description ready. Try and create as many as you can so that they are ready and will speed up the submission process.
  2. Get the complete details from the website including title, URL, description, name, email address, any social profile links you have and keywords. Web directories are human edited so it is important to have imaginative, and catchy titles and description that will grab and hold the editor’s attention. If this is not the case, then the editor may change the description.
  3. Select the category under which you are going to submit your site. It is very important that you choose the correct category because the chances of approval increase if your category is correct. If you are not sure, do a search with your keywords. You will be able to see the relevant results and the category under which they are listed. Select the most appropriate category for your website. Another way to help you find the correct category for your website is to check what category your competitors are listed and use that category for your site.
  4. Use the Free Auto form tools available on the web so that your submission is done much quicker.
  5. Before starting the Directory Submission Process, ensure all the details are collected and saved. You can then submit your website to one of the free Directory listing site like Try and do as many submissions as possible on every keyword.
  6. Directory submissions are of three types – regular, featured and regular with reciprocal.

    Regular submissions are free of cost, featured are paid submissions. Reciprocal link exchange will be taking place mostly in between two sites and sometimes in between a normal site and a directory site.

    Paid submission is usually accepted quickly if you have a good site and doesn’t need to be in a review queue.

  7. While doing directory submissions make sure that you are providing the correct information in a neat and clean way, otherwise the editor will not approve your link. Emphasize on the quality of the submissions as well.

Directory submission is a simple process but is only fruitful if your links are getting approval which in turn will generate more back links. If the above steps are adhered to there is no reason why your website submission will not be accepted by a site like

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