Essential SEO tips to Rank Your Blog on Google from Day 1

Essential SEO tips to Rank Your Blog on Google from Day 1

A blog is an online platform that individuals and companies use to publish articles and related content about whatever it is that they wish to share. Bloggers and blogging services use this site to attract people to view their material and engage in conversation about that. From informal recollections of culture and cuisine, travel and tourism, to formal conversations about packaging products and industry-related information, you can find a blog about anything.

Search Result Rankings

You made a blog about, let’s say, fishing rods and the best types available in the market. It is a conversation starter. But there is no conversation without another person. So, how will you get the other person to interact with you? It might be accessible in real life, but online, amongst millions of people, how do you find the person who also wants to know about fishing rods?

It is complicated, but let’s break it down into a simple process. The search system used by Google, Bing, etc., uses a specific algorithm that is used to systematically classify the searches of people and direct it to the relevant pages. How does that happen? It basically looks at the main keywords in your search (fishing rods in this case) and scans the google database for anything that has relevant material containing those terms. Once the articles are found, they are displayed in order of relevancy, and that is what we call the organic search result rankings

What Does An SEO Agency Do?

The role of any good SEO firm is to make sure that your blog or website is displayed in the top results. It basically optimizes your content in a way that it has all the relevant keywords that people are looking up online, and thus, making sure that it appears on top. Whenever anyone searches for a fishing rod, they will be directed to your page, if it has all the relevant key terms.

SEO Tips to Improve Rankings

Search engine optimization is necessary and very competitive. Therefore, we need to bring in innovation to our content in a manner that it gains the attention of the search engines and is preferred when looking for results in the database. Here are a few tips that will make sure that your page remains top-ranked in any

organic search:

  • Meta Tags: the title for your article needs to be keyword rich so that it can be recognized by the search engines and displayed on top. It is also helpful for the viewers to know what exactly is going to be in the article.
  • Optimize your content: research about what a keyword is. Then look them up on free online tools like Google’s keyword planner that displays the recent trends in searches. Use these bits of information and create content accordingly. If it is in accordance with the interest of the public, it will get views. Do not forget to use the key terms, or else it will not be displayed by the search engine, however relevant it was. Make sure that you use them inappropriate places and in a way that it looks natural, or else the reader will be put off.
  • Quantity and quality: in case you were not aware, Google prefers articles that are written in-depth and have knowledge and information. That makes the need for a significant word count almost preferable. However, do not compromise the quality of content over quantity. No one will like to read a long article that is irrelevant, as opposed to a short but informative passage. Also, make sure that the readability of your content is high. Don’t use high key vocabulary and industry jargon to the extent that it looks like a piece of complicated academic material, which is the best way of turning away readers?
  • Stay on your toes: trends and keywords change every day. Writing an article for yesterday’s keywords will not do you any good today. Make sure that you look at the relevant terms every day and update your content accordingly. There is no room for error when you are operating in a highly competitive market. The staying head will also help you gain more clicks from those who see that your content is always relevant and applicable.
  • Backlinks: not only with your readers by taking their email addresses and notifying them of any relevant developments, but with other sites. Makes sure that you provide links for the blogs that are talking about the same thing as you and get a link back from them. It is highly effective and straightforward, and it plays a significant role in improving rankings.

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