How to Find Niche Relevant Influencers For Your Business on Social Media?

How to Find Niche Relevant Influencers For Your Business on Social Media?

Social media marketing is the number one means of boosting sales for many businesses. There are several different social media strategies for generating leads and converting them to sales. Influencer marketing is one of the most important techniques by which you can reach the highest amount of audience.

Many marketers might think that the more followers of influencers, the better. They usually do not take any other factors into account. Subsequently, they are traditionally inclined towards celebrities with a high profile position/job. These kinds of influencers are sport/music/cinema stars with more than 1 million followers.

The thing is that in modern marketing you cannot solely rely on this approach. Firstly, you might not have a considerable marketing budget to deal with an expensive celebrity. Secondly, many products/services are special so that a celebrity cannot affect the potential customers. For example, b2b businesses do not need common people’s attention, and therefore, collaborating with a celebrity cannot help them much. A niche relevant influencer, on the contrary, is far less expensive and can be as effective as celebrities.

If you want to collaborate with niche relevant influencers, you need to find a highly engaged influential person in your field. In this article, we are going to introduce several useful tools that can help you to find influencers. If you want to increase your ROI in influencer marketing, you should use these tools to find the best option for your conditions.

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Awario is a social media monitoring and analysis tool. It can track the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc. Also, you can easily find niche influencers with this tool, and build impactful relationships with them.

By this tool, you can track for mentions of your own brand and monitor the most active advocates. You need to search relevant keywords, and Awario will sort social media influencers/bloggers based on their reach, number of followers, or blog’s traffic.


Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that provides global brands and agencies with services like influencer discovery, validation, campaign, etc.

This platform can make the process of finding relevant influencers really straightforward. It has a great influencer database. So, you can put filters in terms of the influencer’s social media platform, topic, language, location, age, gender, etc. By this ability, you can easily search for the influencer that completely fits your brand. Also, you can even use the same filters to the influencer’s followers, which would be of great assistance.

Last but not least, you will be provided with a feature to organize and measure your influencer campaigns in Traackr.


BuzzSumo is a powerful tool used for content and influencer monitoring. These two concepts are usually intertwined so that the most sought after content in your field is highly likely generated by niche influencers.

BuzzSumo can also be used to find bloggers/authors/creators who are highly engaged on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all over the internet.


Klear is focused solely on influencer marketing. This tool can categorize influencers in more than 60,000 topic classes, which is an impressive detailed data you can take advantage of. Also, it can analyze their demographics and psychographics to provide you with more insights.

It is actually a huge database of influencers, and searching an influencer through it will not take much of your time. This platform can also provide you with various filtering options such as the network, the number of followers, their skills, their location, the keywords they use, etc. Measuring the results of your campaigns is another feature Klear can provide.


Heepsy is also a database of influencers. It can provide you with the information about more than 7 million influential people on social media. Most of these influencers have more than 5,000 followers. Heepsy can remove suspicious and fake accounts. It has also another service providing the information about posting frequency and other rates of influencers.

Just like other platforms, Heepsy can filter influencers by facets like category, area, engagement level, cost per post, etc. Creating influencer lists, exporting results, and contacting to influencers directly from the app are other features of Heepsy.


This tool has specifically made for YouTube and Instagram. Fortunately, the majority of influencers have accounts on these two platforms, especially Instagram. According to Social Tradia, there is trend among influencers on Instagram that many of them want to sell their Instagram account.

By using HypeAuditor, you can find influencers that are suitable for your brand. It will categorize them according to reach, language, demographics, location, age, gender, and engagement. HypeAuditor takes care of the credibility of influencers so that they should be a real person not a robot. Of course, many other tools use similar restrictions to find out whether the accounts belong to a single human.


GroupHigh is a great tool and seemingly the largest database of bloggers in the world. Its priority is actually tracking bloggers and their contact information including social media accounts. As many bloggers are experts in their niche, it will greatly help you find niche relevant influencers on your desired social platform mostly on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

This tool can also distinguish loyal/engaged influencers from fake accounts. This process will be accompanied by listing engagement rates and showing the most recent content of each influencer.


We have summarized several important influencer discovery tools, each of which can be helpful for your influencer marketing. You might want to know which tool is suitable for your business. Actually, there is not a considerable different between these tools in terms of influencer marketing. But, some of them have more features which can be used for other purposes in your marketing strategy. In sum, as many of them have trial version and helps on their websites, we suggest you to try some of them and figure out which one appeals to you.

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