Fundamental Principles and Hot Tips on Search Engine Optimization
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Fundamental Principles and Hot Tips on Search Engine Optimization

Fundamental Principles and Hot Tips on Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that undergoes rapid changes in its planning and implementation. As search engines like Google frequently modify their search algorithms to provide updated and efficient services to users, the SEO techniques are adjusted and redesigned accordingly.

SEO techniques nevertheless follow a few fundamental principles to operate and bring the desired result, A.K.A optimization. Plus, with frequent updates come innovative tips that help you catch up with the changing search engine algorithms and keep your website within the first few results on the search engine.

So, let’s first have a look at a few fundamental principles integral to search engine optimization as a strategy. It will help create your strategy tailored to fulfil optimization goals specific to your business.

Fundamental principles of SEO – A look

1.Link building remains integral

Since the initial days of SEO, link building has been an integral part of the strategy. Google still analyses a website’s performance through its links. Link building with relevant and high-quality links thus remains a strong indicator of successful search engine optimization.

2.Optimization works with relevant content

Any top content writing company will bet on the relevance of content to a business’s industry, its market segment and target audience as the key supporting factor in optimization. Relevance is thus an essential requirement along with keyword integration, link placement and all other SEO tactics for the desired results.

3. SERP rankings are affected by user experience

While providing user experience encompasses a wide range of factors like site layout, infrastructure, content, site speed, etc., it plays a significant role in determining a website’s ranking.

While site infrastructure, layout etc. are better left to expert digital marketers, you can outsource content writing to professional content writing experts providing the likes of SEO article writing services.

4. Mobile SEO as the deal-breaker

With Google adopting its Mobile-first indexing to rank websites on the SERPs, implementing Mobile SEO technique to optimize for this device remains equally important. Given that more than 50% of global searches are performed through mobile phones today and increasing, it remains fundamental to unbeaten search engine optimization.

Now, have a look at a few trending tips that you can utilise to up your SEO game.

Actionable tips on SEO to do it right for your website:

SEO tips

a. Almost at the first SERP result? Time to overhaul your page

If you are ‘almost’ there on the SERPs’ first page, have the SEOs done right and yet not receiving a higher rank, an overhaul of the page is needed. Do so by integrating new facts and figures, stats and other relevant details to the page so that it serves your target audiences’ need better.

You can also add key phrases and content length to increase relevance and authority, resultantly improving the ranking.

b. Have you tried for featured snippets?

Featured snippets or position ‘zero’ has already surpassed the popularity of Rank #1 on the SERPs. While featured snippet as a search engine optimization target is still in its initial phases, 11% of the search results already have these snippets with them. You can do so by targeting question keywords and answering them neatly through bullets.

c. Shift focus to comprehensive content

Website authority is another SEO technique to utilise for a better ranking and increased traffic resultantly. You can improve site authority through posting comprehensive, long-form, informative content.

d. Get set to optimize for voice search

Voice search optimization has been doing rounds lately for the massive potential it brings through the leverage of emerging smart speakers. Optimizing your content for voice search can thus be the game-changer in improving rankings today.

Utilise these tips to make sure your website has an edge when implementing an SEO strategy. Keep a tab on the latest changes to enjoy the early-bird advantage of higher SERP rankings before all.

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