Get Ahead of SEO Trends in 2018

Get Ahead of SEO Trends in 2018

If your business is not taking advantage of using SEO Techniques on your website, blog and social media pages, then you are losing the boat in terms of ranking your business in internet searches. SEO is one of the most effective ways for your customers to find their business and buy their products.

Can be used to make simple use as SEO, it is a continuously evolving technique that requires a good understanding of the rankings or new knowledge on the horizon and knowledge base. This year is no different, because many SEO trends are coming to light, which can help your organization achieve top results in Google search, which gives your business an edge over your competition.

Seo Trends

1.Voice Search

Voice search will change how we make content. There will be a more conversational voice in valuable content that will answer the questions directly. The idea of creating content around a particular keyword will no longer exist. It is about creating content for the searcher’s intentions. Search engines can explain the context so that content that answers any questions and receives information about the subject.

2.Linkable, Useful Content

In 2018, engagement will play a big role in overall success in achieving SEO success. Creating linkable, user driven content that answers relevant questions and provides useful information to prospects is important. The schema is another area that will continue to have a focal point in getting measurable.

3.Secure Link (SSL)

A few years ago, Google announced that secure website certificates (SSLs) are starting to affect the ranking of websites. Recently, we have seen that browsers like Chrome are flagging sites that do not begin with being potentially unsafe from HTTPS. At $ 39 / year, it is one of the least expensive and easy fixes to promote SEO ranking in 2018.

4.Researcher intent

Google’s focus will be the biggest impact on our SEO work this year when matching the search results with the unique intent of a searcher’s query. Now to understand the types of content relevant to search engine priority conditions, we should now look beyond keywords and traditional ranking factors. We are looking forward to understanding the vertical opportunities and dangers ahead of the first page.

5.Subdomain vs Subdirectory

We recently migrated our blog from a subdomain to a subdirectory in our root domain. We are seeing how it can be beneficial for our root domain to increase the domain root. We have kept all our efforts in our blog so that our top-level domain does not have the benefit of increasing visibility, which is the most important for a long time.

6.Video SEO

In a study conducted by Cisco last year, it was predicted that by 2021, video consumer would account for more than 82% of Internet traffic. This means that over the next few years, video content will exceed all forms of other content. On that, YouTube (brand og Google) is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Creating custom video content is a huge opportunity to bring your brand to your prospects.

7.Snippet Battle

The biggest change in 2018 is the expanded Google SERP features. Apart from receiving page one, the top three rankings, our goal is to show our customers with extended schema usage as well as various special snippets.

8.SEO-rich, long-form content

Try to write long term content with good length (1500 words). Content pages of 1,500 words or more are performing better in search engine rankings and are drawing more organic traffic than smaller pages. Studies show that users stay on these pages for a long time and receive long-term content and backlinks and social shares.

9.Power of Social Media

Although it cannot be news for many people, it is definitely for others. In Google and other search engine platforms, there is a growing preference for content engagement that likes, retweets, shares and social clicks are more important than ever before. Make sure you have a strategy that covers social media and you are posting your posting content.

10.Site Speed

Although there are many signs for this and we are preparing for this, Google has officially announced the speed of the site as a ranking factor. Users want the results and they want them fast. Site speed also runs high conversion rates, so this is an investment that can make cents (see what I did there).

11.Mobile Renaissance (again)

Changes to a desktop-based mobile-based Google index are imminent, for which a responsive design or better alignment between the content on mobile and desktop sites is required. Google officially announced that the speed of the page is a ranking factor for mobile results, making its AMP technology more attractive. Finally, progressive web applications will get more support on iPhones.

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