Top 5 Google Algorithm Updates to Rank Your Website

Top 5 Google Algorithm Updates to Rank Your Website

Google is one of the popular search engine used by many people in their daily life’s. Google is at the top with around 3.5 billion searches per day. According to the Google Zeitgeist, more than 1.2 trillion searches were tracked in 2012. When it comes to the virtual world the value of google cannot be denied. For virtual businesses, the value of the Google Algorithm is always important.

Any business in the virtual world is dependent on the google search engine. The Google algorithm is the door to rank your website on the first page but there are many tactics that you need to apply. Google search algorithm changes frequently and can affect your SEO. It is important to know the google algorithm updates after every three months and adopt the changes to remain at the top in queries. This blog will let you know the top key areas where you need to pay attention in order to adapt the right SEO strategy.

What Is Google Algorithm

Google set an algorithm to give the right results for the queries. To rank your website at the 1st page your website needs to be SEO optimized. The SEO is a way through which you tell the google algorithm about your website topic. The Google algorithm uses keywords to identify your website and page ranking.

1.Mobile-First Index

Mobile compatibility is extremely important after the increase in mobile phone users. Around 60 per cent of the searches are from mobile phone due to which google algorithm shifts it’s focus from mobile friendly to the mobile-first index. It is expected that in 2019 google will combine the mobile index and desktop index into one. Which means that from 2019 your website ranking will be dependent on its mobile version.

What Can You Do?

You need to ensure that all functions and graphics of your websites can easily be shown and operate on mobile phones. You can also check your website browsing with google mobile-friendly test, to make sure that it follows the google algorithm.

2.High Focus On Feature Snippets

Feature snippets referred to as position 0 appears above regular results. If you are successfully able to rank on featured snippets your site traffic and click-through rates will be boost. The Google algorithm will highly focus on the feature snippets in recent updates.

What Can You Do?

To make your website search friendly it is important to focus on structured data. As the Google algorithm will more focus on snippets you can go with

  • Create Google Tag & Manager Tag
  • Customize the code snippet
  • Test your data through structured data testing tool.

3.Telling It How It Is

The voice search is increased after the use of mobile phones and AI assistant. The voice searches grown up to 3,500 per cent. The Google algorithm updates will also focus on the voice search which means the use of natural phrase and keywords will be more focused.

4.Linkless Mentions

After 2017, the google algorithm can associate without mentioning a single link. The linkless mentions are the positive reviews, testimonies and other various mentions that don’t require a link. This is one of the main factors of SEO. You can go with SEO services Pakistan to hire SEO experts.

5.Security Centric

Google algorithm will now punish those websites that don’t have an SSL certificate. Google admits that they prefer HTTP sites in terms of security and gives them benefits on ranking over the sites who fails to add SSL.

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