Shoelace is a New Social Network From Google

Shoelace is a New Social Network From Google

Just after a few months of Google+ expected closedown, Google is venturing out its new social media platform named Shoelace. The mobile application is currently is in its invite-only testing phase on both iOS and Android devices. This application from Google has a geographical interface, as the notion behind its concept is to allow people with similar interests to get together in real life. Google’s Area 120, a team for carrying out Google’s all the experimental work is the team behind Shoelace’s development.

Struggling against the renowned social media behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is quite tough for Google to establish its dominance. With one notable difference from other platforms, i.e., the feature to organize meetups, Shoelace will require a distinguished set of social media marketing services to get a step ahead of other social media apps.

Understanding the Working

Shoelace’s working is bewildering for many people. Android Police has taken a dig at Google by recognizing Shoelace’s similarity to the Schemer project that Google launched in the year 2011. Unfortunately, Schemer did not last beyond 2014, making it easy to comprehend that Shoelace is a repeated attempt at Schemer.

To use Shoelace, any user can create a profile on the app with his Google account. After a successful profile creation, the user can organize or join other people’s events that Google calls ‘loops.’ These loops can range anywhere from cooking classes to yoga lessons, or just communal meetups. Once you show interest in a loop, Shoelace will navigate you to the loop’s destination.

The Shoelace app is also programmed to handpick loops for the user by filtering out the local activities based on the user’s interests. This way a user will never run out of loops to attend.

Why the name ‘Shoelace’?

For a social media application, the name ‘Shoelace’ doesn’t sound right. We know it, you too, and also Google. Regardless of giant business companies being infamous for picking ‘silly’ or trivial-sounding names, Google yet chose the name Shoelace. One reason behind this can be conceptual thinking.

Here’s how the Shoelace’s landing page explains its name.

The whole premise of Shoelace is to tie people together based on their interests — like two laces on a shoe. We do so through activities — which are fittingly called ‘Loops.’

The Launch

As stated above, the Shoelace app is under development for both Android and iOS platforms. After testing all its features, Shoelace is first expected to launch in the US. However, there are no official updates or confirmation on when and where it will launch. As of now, the application is being tested in New York City, and any interested individual can get the access code to use the application here.

Area 120’s another experiment named Pigeon, which is also in its testing phase in NYC, will move out to other cities after a year of its initial launch. Therefore, the same can be expected for Shoelace.

In Conclusion

Social media sites lure hoards of youngsters. From small to large-scale business companies use social media channels to increase their sales. There are also plenty of social media marketing services available that one can use to boost his influence on a social media site. These are the factors that help Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ace the social space race. However, Shoelace is not at all like a regular social media site. Thus, the chances for Shoelace to gain success are pretty low unless Google works wonders in the development of this app.

Counting Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Google+, Shoelace is Google’s 5th attempt to create an influential social media platform.

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