How To Choose A Reliable Search Engine Optimization Company

How To Choose A Reliable Search Engine Optimization Company

SEO is now dominating Google, Bing, Facebook, and all the other major search engines. In order to compete with other businesses, you must use a decent search engine optimization company. Choosing a reliable search engine optimization company isn’t easy. You will often find yourself stumbling across thousands of SEO companies promising you outstanding leads, shares, business deals, and all you have to do is put a couple of thousand dollars in their pockets. What you can conclude from that paragraph above is, companies are out for your money, and they don’t care if you get results or not. Here are 5 ways you can determine the best SEO company for your business.

1.The prices are reasonable

Everyone wants to make money, and it is important for businesses to profit off the work they do, but that doesn’t mean they should have insanely high rates for their services. Make sure their services can work with your budget, don’t fall into the trap of overpaying paying for services you don’t need. Try searching for companies that offer deals and discounts, and don’t you ever forget to follow your gut.

2.They Give Transparent reporting

A good SEO company will use full transparency and allow its customers to see how their marketing plan is performing. They will go in depth and offer a variety of services for decent prices such as:

Google analytics reports that give a full overview of sites SEO performance.

  • 24/7 client portal access.
  • Keyword records that are updated regularly that can be checked on whenever. Monthly breakdown of the SEO tasks, and how long they’ve helped you monitor your ROI.
  • A monthly video summary from your SEO specialist and reviews from the month’s SEO strategy and improvements.
  • Access to SEO professionals by phone, email and text message to respond to any discussions or questions about anything related to your marketing plan.
  • 24/7 access to an online client portal.

3.They listen to your needs and build a marketing plan based on it

Companies that claim to be professional, and reliable often think they know what is best for your business. They ignore your requests and do their own thing without even thinking twice about how it affects you. A good SEO Agency will help build a marketing plan with you, they will take your suggestions into consideration, and make sure that you aren’t left out of the marketing process. If you are looking for a company to do the marketing without you that’s fine. As long as they listen to your desires, and keep an open dialogue with you.

4.They have an individual niche they provide services for

Every business has different types of marketing needs, if you have a new car company you’d like to promote, you might not want to go to an SEO company that mainly caters to women and makeup.

5.They have a track record for success

Now, this one doesn’t apply to every company. If a marketing company is just starting out, and they are seeking their very first batch of customers, then you might be able to get cheap or free marketing services. If the SEO company you are looking at is already established, then read their reviews from past customers, and do a deep search on Google. Most companies only showcase positive ratings from clients, so make sure to search on several sites about them.

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