Voice Search Optimization- How To Do WordPress SEO For Voice Search in 2021?

Voice Search Optimization- How To Do WordPress SEO For Voice Search in 2021?

With the advent of technology, more and more users nowadays use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to conduct web searches. Google has registered that 20% of its searches comes from voice. With the increase in voice search, businesses are also looking for ways to optimise their WordPress site for voice searches.

Back in 2011, Google would ask its callers to call a phone number from their device by its “Say your search keywords.” The callers would then search for whatever they wish for and would get the search page result link. But with the implementation of Natural Language Processing and sequential semantic searches, it updated its voice search optimization.

VSO Works

What is voice search, and how it works?

Users use their voice to speak their search inquiries instead of typing into the traditional search box. Google then processes what the user said into texts using machine learning and detects whether the search inquiry was a statement or a question. We know that smartphones have witnessed a boom in their usage. This enables more and more users to go for voice search. The below data shows people of different age groups who use the voice search feature.

Therefore, voice search brings the ability to offer quick, immediate answers to potential client’s questions. It also boosts the business’s overall reputation and prevents user from browsing through different pages to gather information.

Although traditional searching ways will continue forever but implementing voice search optimization for a WordPress site would allow you to rank on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Ways for voice search optimization

Boosting your website for generating voice search optimized content is not rocket science. But by implementing the right technologies for their website, one can stand out among the competition. A few tips and tricks are:

1.Use conversational languages

A voice query holds a questioning tone that distinguishes it from the everyday regular, text-based one. Therefore, using natural conversational tone in your content will boost your website’s ranking in the voice search results. Include long-tail keywords in your content as it will have a high conversion rate due to less competition.

  • Focus more on the keywords the audience use in their questions
  • Search questions that people often ask in your niche
  • Look for answers that have the best outcomes in the search results

2. Optimize content for feature snippets

A featured snippet is a search result that is displayed at the top of the SERP. It can be a list, an explanation, or a legitimate answer to the user’s search query. Voice search results are generally pulled from feature snippets, increasing the chances of your content appearing as a rich answer on SERP. You could also put up an informative FAQ section on your WordPress site. This type of format enables Google to pick your answer and display it in a rich answer form.

3. Boost the websites loading time

Voice search optimization for WordPress sites also allows for fast page load speed. Slow loading sites experience a high bounce rate. Tips to boost website’s loading time:

  • Optimise images for the web
  • Use of Content Delivery Network(CNN)
  • Reduce the number of page redirects
  • Cut down on the plugins you use
  • Use CSS3 and HTML frameworks

4. Use of schema mark-up

Schema mark-up controls the way you share your website’s information with machines and how machines interpret it. Structured data can be implemented by the use of schema mark-up that lands the website in rich snippets. These rich snippets increase click-through rate and drive traffic to your WordPress site. This helps you gain an edge over your competition.

5. Increase contents readability

If the content is easy to scan, understand and comprehend, it will positively impact the user’s mind. Other than humans, virtual assistants are also reading the results other than performing searches. Thus, having an easy comprehension and readability will boost your websites ranking on SERP.

To check your content reading level and style you can use the Hemingway Editor tool.

6. Implement local SEO

Since voice searches are more used on mobile than desktops, it has many local queries. Updating information about your business on your site will help optimize your website for local content. Thus, include your contact details, precise location, and working hours. Apart from these, you can also include your local area code and business categories to boost your website’s traffic.


 Voice search assistants are being used everywhere. It has become a part of our everyday life from fetching local business information to news and weather forecast. Thus, it has become extremely crucial to take care of voice search optimization to par with the latest technology in the SEO world.

So, focus on position zero, develop unique and interactive content, improve readability and make sure that the visitor’s mobile experience is flawless. Whatever be your niche, you need to know your brand and then develop ways to advertise it.

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