How to Promote App with PPC

How to Promote App with PPC

By 2020, According to the search, mobile marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. There are $188.9 billion people who spend their most of time on the internet to learn new things as compare to desktop and laptops. And all these things explain that mobile apps are considered as the next big things in both offline and online modes.

In terms of SEO Brisbane, there are multiple apps are launched every year. Few makes are top in the list of rankings. If you talk about app ranking then it directly depends upon the way you promote them.

If you are also one of them who are in the queue of struggle to promote your business mobile app or boost their ranking then PPC is one of the best options.

PPC is also known as pay-per-click an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. It means, you only pay for business running ads when the user clicks on it.

It is a key component that allows you to improve the Quality Score. Besides, PPC is an exclusive and profitable marketing channel during the higher return of Investment.

Here are a few strategies that help you to boost your App download:

1. Promote App with other apps:

The first way of promoting an app with Pay-per-click is by creating a mobile display campaign. Through this campaign, you will target those all users who are using an app that is similar to yours. It helps you to attract potential customers who actively finding and winning products like yours. Moreover, when you know the potential customers, you easily convert them towards your product or App.

2. Search results:

Whether you are thinking to promote your business or an app, the first you have to reach the customers. And for this, the search result is the best source. This is a great way through which you can easily figure out those customers who found your app or similar apps to yours. Once you know your target audience, then you will need to create a search ad in the app/digital content to promote your app. But make sure during creating an ad you must add the basic keywords that are related to the app or search by customers. Moreover, these users easily find you without any inconvenience.


3. Using ad Extensions for promoting app:

Have your main goal to get more clicks on-site and download your app. Well, if yes then ads Extensions are one of the best options. Through this, you can easily promote your app as well as drive more clicks on your website. Generally, App extensions allow you to link to your mobile or tablet app in your text ads. It means ad extension promotes your app through displaying a link below the ad

Apart from this, when the user clicks the link under ad it directly takes the user to your website. It means the user can directly download your app instead of searching it on search results or play store. Moreover, the more easily users will get your app, the more it could increase your quality score.

4. Create Landing pages:

Landing pages are also a great way to promote your mobile app. It is a page that will serve all the information to the users about your mobile app. It will also help to shape the identity of your application with its emblem and color palette. In short, the landing page represents the core features and purpose of your app. A landing page also allows you to interact with your potential customers.

The most essential thing makes sure the domain name for your landing page reflects the name of your mobile application. So, customers can easily find you and download your app.

5. Use multiple visuals:

As per Google Ads Agency Sunshine Coast, there are 80% of users much foster by visuals like pictures, videos rather than reading the text. And these days, visual marketing is rapidly booming and medium of communication. Due to this, it gets more likes and shares. Moreover, videos are easier to check on a mobile phone and can help you to promote your mobile app. There is much reason for promoting an app through visuals:

•    They can be shared easily
•    Easy to Understand
•    Likely seen by 80% users on their mobile phones

Hence, all these things speed up your brand awareness and it will automatically promote your mobile app.

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