Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy


Local SEO strategy will improve your local visibility on search engines. You know that google showing geographically different results for different searches. Now, search engine like google does it based on local presence of businesses nearby the searches.

In this article, we want to share and discuss several strategies which you can apply and improve local SEO of your business for free without any cost. Let’s get started,

Local SEO Strategy

Every business needs its dedicated strategies to grow faster and take over the market leader of the respective industry on their hand. But in this digital era, people are comfortable searching for any products or services online rather than offline.

So, you also need to follow where your customers are roaming around.You can place your products or services infront of those potential customers if you know where your customers are. However, search engines are decorating their algorithm differently for the last few years.

For example, if you are living in Washington and you are now roaming nearby a restaurant. At this point, you feel eating, and you have the location of your phone is onwhen you search on google “best beef burger near me” or “best beef burger.” You will see that the google shows the most popular restaurants for beef burgers are on the search result with location, direction as well as price range.

What do you think? How does it happened?

That what we are going to share below,

Listing on Local Directories

Directories are great help for increasing local appearances online. Get listed by most popular local directories as well as mid-level directories also. Search for local directories thatare relevant to your industry and get listed on that too.

There are hundreds of international directories out there which has a feature of local listing. If your business is in New Jersey, then try to get listed on directories that has option and popularity in your business area and this case it’s New Jersey.

Whenever, on those directories, you have a listing of your business, people whenever searches products and services that you also sell, then there is a chance to get appeared on their search result. Most of the cases, people call the number of the business and get information related to their need and meet or direct purchases.

There are many directories you can find out there online. Here we are giving you a list of a few of the top social local directories that you can start with:

  1. Yelp
  2. Foursquare / Swarm
  3. Groupon Pages
  4. Amazon Local
  5. Facebook
  6. LinkedIn

Google My Business Listing

You must know that Google handles more than 90% of the searches happen online daily.If you can achieve the rank on the first page Google SERP then most likely, you will rank on the first page of another search engine too.

Now for a local business, Google has a different algorithm, which with known as location-based search results. When you are searching for a product or service sitting in Ohio City, and you turn on your location, then you will see that most of the search results are relevant to your current geographical location.

So, make sure that your business has a complete optimized profile on Google My Business. It is one of the most popular Google products, which is serving as the most effective local SEO strategy for local businesses.

There are many platforms, including Google My Business, which will improve your business’s local appearances on Search Engines.Here are the top search engines to sign up with (all are free):

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing Places
  3. Apple Maps
  4. Yahoo! Local
  5. MapQuest
  6. Nokia Prime Places

Content Optimization withLocal Keyword

You must heard of content optimization for ranking on search engines. Usually, content writers optimizetheir content based on global or country based on search phrases that people use to get answers for their searches.Search phrases we call them keyword.

Now, for local content optimization, you need to find those keywords which people are searching within your business area. You will understand if you see the below image closely.

Now, if your website is properly optimized with local keywords, then there is a chance that you will rank first position on the search results of search engines.

You know that more than 76% of searches are now coming from mobile searches. So, your business website, including product pages as well as homepage, must be mobile-friendly and responsive.

For local search without locally optimized content and mobile-friendly webpages, you cannot rank higher. So, take expert advises, there are hundreds of local SEO service providersour there who can help you.

Required information for Applying Local SEO Strategies

Do not forget to provide this information whenever you are making listing or local-listing for your business or services.

=> Name of the Business

=> Description including targeted keywords.

=> Physical Address of your Business

=> Website Address

=> Email Address

=> Phone Number

=>Opening Hours Schedule


We have discussed all of the most actionable local SEO strategy above. Now you need to apply them on your business website or blog whatever medium you are using as an online presence for your business.

You need to understand that SEO is not an overnight success formula; it is an experimental process of being widespread and featured on search engine results. So, keep trying and follow the above strategies for your local business SEO.

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