Can’t-Miss Off-Page SEO Strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Can’t-Miss Off-Page SEO Strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Off-page SEO is a technique, which is used for optimizing your brand online and offline with the help of content, links, and relationships. This creates good prospects of the business on search engines and makes it more popular amongst the customers. With the implementation of Off-page SEO gradual increase can be witnessed in search ranking or traffic of the website. Moreover, it also leads to increase in positive brand mentions of the website making the company more popular both amongst customers and competitors existing in the market.

SEO Needs Continuous Updates

SEO has two different sides to it i.e. on SEO and off SEO. While on-page SEO requires the owner to ensure that different stuff is being carried out on the website to make it popular on the internet. On the other hand, off-page SEO requires owners to work on the backstage and contribute to increasing popularity of a website. With these two functions running parallel to each other, online popularity of business can be achieved. This situation can be appropriately compared to the fact that it is not enough to live and pay for a nice house in a gated community. Instead, it also requires the owner to appoint a guard on the gate of community and pick up trash along the road leading to your community.

Not having appropriate off-site on your website is similar to a situation when you have a great house in a community, but none of your friends or family wants to visit it because it smells disgusting and unwelcoming and no one can tolerate it. So, if your website is managed like your home there is no chance that people will not visit it. The owner is expected to constantly work on their site, such that reputation of the website increases and others are attracted to visit or learn from it.

How Off- page SEO is Important and Companies should not Avoid It?

In the world of SEO, the importance of off-page SEO cannot be ignored. Hence it would be foolish of owners to avoid it and then struggle to achieve good visitors or customers in the online world. Once off-page SEO is carried out, one of the most common mistakes which owners commit is they only go through link building and ignore other aspects to it. However, it is important to not only consider the be-all but also take into account end-all of an off-page SEO.

SEO Off Page

Goals of Off-page SEO

The ultimate goal of carrying off-page SEO is to achieve positive signals and interactions of your brand and hope that it is going to bring net positive impact on your company and its profitability. While it is important to think of links for off-page SEO, it is also important to view them in the context of the page and give priority to the host factors that leads to off-page SEO.

Key Areas of Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO majorly focuses on three core areas i.e. brand, audience, and content. The intention here is to develop a prism and find out major areas on which all the efforts need to be concentrated. This can really help the owners of the company to achieve their goals and become one of the dominant names in the market.


None of the SEO strategies in the world can help product or service, which has nothing favorable to offer to customers. Hence success can only be achieved on brands, on which company is putting in their best foot forward to serve its customers. Following steps should thus be followed by companies to achieve success;

  1. Create an outstanding product or service:When product or service of the company is categorized as best in the market, SEO becomes much easier to do. The major reason behind the success of SEO, in this case, is both online and offline people are saying great things about the product and brand, and this causes more visitors to come to the website and write positive reviews about the company. However, this can only be achieved if the primary company focuses on making the best product in the market. Working on product can be carried out or initiated in two steps;
  2. Existing products: Companies should focus on delivering benefits to customers that can be calculated on the basis of requests and complaints received on products.
  3. New products: Focus should be maintained on providing benefits to customers by the introduction of new products in the market. If this is followed, any sort of objections or failures can be removed.
  4. Service to customers:Service to customers plays the most important role in the success of business. Any wrong action on the part of the company can bring disgrace to it, which shall last for many years to come. Considering the fact, the company should have a single goal that is to create a good image of the brand amongst the customers and offer customers with best SEO services in the market. While PR events are held by the company, customers should feel as if the company has done almost everything for their welfare and shall continue to do the same forever.
  5. Focus on searchers intent:People are more inclined to purchase products and services of a company, which is easy to find, and avail.  Many times company fails to meet their objectives because they are not able to offer according to needs of prospective audiences. It is similar to creating or posting content on the website, which has no keywords relevant to customers search in it. Hence, it is essential for the company to focus on description, keywords, and intent of the content such that it brings meaning to the customers. Once such content is created it should also be shared and discussed further.


The better a company knows its audience; it can easily interact, share and learn from them. Hence while opting for off-page SEO following steps should be taken or kept in mind;

  1. Create responsive social media presence: A searcher mostly approaches internet because of their unmet needs and unanswered questions. After looking for answers on Google search engine, they likely visit social media to gain more information on their concern. Thus social media is one of the valuable components of off-page SEO which should be appropriately handled. Considering this following steps should be taken to create a responsible social media;
  2. If a company has a social media account, make sure to appoint someone who can regularly monitor and answer the question of customers on behalf of the company.
  3. Behave like any other human, because people interacting with the company like to have genuine interactions and not responses which seem to be made by a robot.
  4. It is important for the company to remain proactive on all the concerns of customers. So even if customer’s query is not related to your product or service, be more than willing to offer them help and praise when due. The company should realize that they might have to pay hefty prices for their unresponsiveness on social media.
  5. Build connections with social media/online influencers:Social media proves to be a boon or asset for any company if used wisely. One of the major benefits of opting for off page SEO is, its ability to create a long lasting relationship with influencers, followers, and fans that are responsible for high ranking of websites.
  6. Enlist the help of influencers:An effective strategy should be opted to boost off-page SEO. Attempts should be made to know influencers in person or at the events by making use of online or group chats or tweets. Hence, in future, if the company shares any informative content on the company, these influencers will recognize the brand and might take concrete steps to share it amongst the online users.
  7. Participate in open forums and discussion boards:For companies that wish to become popular amongst audiences and influencers, it is advisable for companies to visit popular blogs over the web and leave your comments. In the recent times, comment blogging has experienced fall off in the society and is not being opted for due to the presence of a lot of spammers. To ensure that comments blogging does not adversely affect you; make attempt to leave thoughtful comments which are sufficient to attract the eyes of a blogger.
  8. Stop guest blogging for links:Instead of doing guest blogging, it is better to work on building rapport with top publishers, editors, influencers or online brands in the market. If this is done correctly then it is obvious to bring you more links. However, if the company only focuses on links, it becomes obvious for the customer to know that the company is just interested in a transactional relationship and is not looking for anything mutually beneficial. It is hence advisable to read blogs or articles of top publishers in vertical and leave comments on the same sharing your opinion. Once a good rapport has been built up, inquire about creating a guest post on the platform assuming that the option is available for the same. People are often confused about the importance of guest posting, but one should make a note that indirect impact always remains powerful and should be chosen for achieving online market benefits.
  9. SEO sub-credit:SEO sub-credit is quite popular in the market and is frequently used by many players. Relationships formed with customers on these platforms prove to be quite fruitful to the company enabling them to earn a good reputation in the market. When a company leaves his comments on web portals, there are chances for customers to find it. In such a scenario they come searching for your brand on social media portals and also sign up your newsletter and blogs to know more about you and your company. This helps the company gain more visitors and customers in the market.


When we talk of content, the majority of the people think about images, videos or other information shared over social media. However there is more to it and content, in reality, means sharing the entire experience of brand designs, beginning from creation, sharing online and offline logos and taglines, personal calls, signage, blog text, images, etc. If the customer is able to interact with it, then you can believe that content published is successful and its creation can be applauded.

  1. Experiment with your content:While doing off-page SEO one main thing which owner should focus on is its content. It should go beyond text and should be impactful enough to enable people to get connected to it. Writing content along with meaningful images and videos can be a great addition to your brand off page SEO. Use of videos and images can be a big boon, as they are both low/high investment potential vehicle which can be effectively used for driving awareness among prospective customers and traffic on the website.
  2. Post content using social media: Companies should post content or videos on YouTube, the second most visited website in the world and second search engine after Google. For a company to build up good online reputation they can also follow measures as mentioned below;
  3. Share daily news or recaps of various events using Facebook live
  4. Snap meetings or office pictures using snap chat
  5. Image albums can be created on Flickr, Imgur etc.
  6. Interesting videos can be shared over tweet sharing nicest of thoughts about the company and brand.
  7. Use videos and images:With video and images it is a good way to market your brand and show to the world how your brand looks like. With this individuals can be made aware of your brand that is unaware or has never ever heard of your company. These wonders can be achieved easily with off-page SEO. Say if you have individuals who visit white papers of your company and wishes to become customers. It is advisable for you to shoot video and feature it on some of the popular websites over the internet. This will give chance to prospective customers to know more about your company and become a loyal customer to it.

Above mentioned were the key highlighting tactics of off-page SEO which can be used by companies for achieving success in the market. These four key factors can be conveniently used and implemented to achieve immediate results. However, the company should ensure that continuous implementation of strategies is made, such that company can continue to benefit from it throughout its life.

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