The Perfect On-page SEO Checklist Guide for Beginner

The Perfect On-page SEO Checklist Guide for Beginner

When you start a new website and want to rank on Google SERP. Then you must optimize your website in term of search engines as well as user prospective. So the On-Page checklist would help to drive more organic traffic and user engagement.

Sometime newbie website owner get confused. What is on page SEO checklist: It is just like Athletics person who should be mentally as well as physically fit then only that person can win the race. SEO checklist is like that if you maintain your website then it would be rank #1 on SERP.

Point to be discussed

  • Use target keyword in your URL
  • URL should be Short
  • Put  Your Target Keyword in Title Tags
  • Insert keyword in Meta description
  • H1 heading with keyword
  • Keywords in your Content
  • Use LSI keyword in your content
  • Internal links and External links
  • Optimizes Your images

Use targeted keyword in URL

You should insert your key word in the URL, First reason user as well as Google easily recognize what your page is about. For example your targeted keyword is “digital marketing services” then your URL should be like this Never use irrelevant keyword in your URL can be a bad impact on your website when Google bots would come crawling your website.

Try to shorten your URL

First, when your URL would be short then it would be easily rememberable to the user. Second, an analysis has been shown Google gives most preferred to the short as compared to long URL and short URL help to improve your ranking. So try to shorten your URL.

Put Your Target Keyword in Title Tags

Now it is mandatory to insert your keyword in the title tag if you can want rank at most. If your keyword is “Best digital marketing company” then simple put in title tags.

Why we do this, the answer is when someone searches from this keyword then the result will appear what the user was searching. Then user on it and due to it your website traffic will enhance.

Insert keyword in Meta description

Putting the keyword in the Meta description is the second most important ideas to attract the user. And when Google bots come on your site firstly they read your title tags and secondly your Meta description. Just for spite bots easily identify understand what your page is about. Importantly put the related keyword which is matches from your content.

H1 heading with keyword

H1 means Heading 1 which is your main title of your page.  When the user will come on your site they fastly understand what is in your content and user will stay on your site if your title unique, attractable and engaging. Mainly six type of Heading in your page

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6

One H1 should come in your content, because Google gives more priority if you use heading 1 in your page.

Keywords in your Content

When you write your content remember that one keyword should come in the first paragraph. This is not mandatory. It depends upon Keyword density if your content is 1000 word then At least 4 to 5 keywords you can add in your content.

LSI keyword in Your Content

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing: Means that keyword which should be related to our Main keyword. LSI is not synonyms,

Walking” its synonyms “exercising” “stepping” this is synonyms not LSI keyword

LSI keywords for “Walking” are “shoes” “hand bag” So the LSI keyword is the most important to Google by which Google easily understand what the user wants.

Internal Linking

It is also the most important part of on-page SEO. You can choose an appropriate anchor text and add links on it. By doing this you can many benefits from the internal linking. First when crawler comes on the website then it bots crawl inter linking text which helps to rank your page. Second it will give good experience to the visitor .Because visitor easily enables to find the relevant information from your site. Using internal linking you can give further information to the visitor.

But if you ignored this then you would unable to rank your page easily. So add your link on the anchor text.

External linking

It is not compulsory to add external links in your page but if you want to get more authority of your website and rank on SERP then you can apply this on page SEO techniques. Now most important things, the website which you are going to link with your website it should be relevant and high authority website example, etc.

Optimizes Your Images

Image optimization is also one of the most factors which help to ranking, enhance user experience and improves the page loading speed. So there are two major factors to optimize your images.

  1. Helps to SEO Ranking: Everyone wants to rank on the top, but one mistake can create an obstacle to reach own target. As we know Google read the images, then how Google bots identify what your image is about. So insert the ALT Tags own image by which bots can recognize easily about your images. And when a visitor will come on your website they would also identify about your images whether your image is loaded or not.
  2. Enhance visitor Engagement: As We discussed above if you follow these step then undoubtedly your will enhance your customer engagement. Because of user satisfaction and happiness, you will enable to improve your sale and conversion rates.

Final Verdict

We have been discussed all strategy of On-page SEO checklist, you can use these techniques while posting your content. Certainly this will help you to boost up your page.

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