SEM Vs. SEO – Differentiating two important website online marketing techniques!

SEM Vs. SEO – Differentiating two important website online marketing techniques!

You must have heard about online marketing and it’s important for e-commerce businesses. However, do you know what exactly the term website online marketing refers to and what services are included in the package?

Two of the most important service suites involved in online marketing for websites include Search Engine Optimization and Search engine Marketing. Yes, two quite similar terms which don’t only sound similar but actually are technically similar too. Let’s have a brief look at the makeup of these two online marketing suites and what do they offer for online businesses.

Differentiating between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM might sound similar and may have some similar technical processes, but these two represent individual marketing suites which need to be understood. Below we will be looking to define each service separately, so you have a better idea of the scope and prospect each these online marketing techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I believe this is one word with which each and every e-commerce business owner must be familiar with. Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO refers to the marketing suite that aims to improve the search engine ranking and visibility of a website by generic and non-paid means. The services are meant to give websites better reach to the target audience with higher visibility across the major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While the SEO services are aimed to increase the visibility and SERPs, the ultimate objective of the service is to drive more traffic to the website as well as increase the conversion optimization for the business. Thereby, we can safely state that the SEO is the most pressing website online marketing technique to generate generic traffic and drive sales.

Services included in SEO?

Well, as we have already mentioned above, SEO isn’t a single technique in itself. Rather, it represents the whole suite of related techniques and services that when implemented strategically, help boost visibility and recognition for a website.

Services include in SEO can be divided into two subcategories:

On-Page SEO Services including:

–           Meta Descriptions, meta titles

–           Keywords analysis

–           Meta tags, alt texts

–           Google indexing

–           website content production

–           Social sharing

–           Cleaning URLs

–           much more

Off Page SEO including:

–           Off-page content creation

–           Link building

–           Social sharing

–           Much more

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Just like SEO, SEM is yet another broad category of digital marketing suite that is primarily aimed to facilitate websites get highest rankings and more clicks mainly through paid marketing. To simply differentiate SEM from SEO, we can say that SEM is a faster way to achieve higher rankings and more visibility than SEO, however, you have to pay a price for this.

Services included in SEM:

Just like SEO, search engine marketing also refers to a complete suite of services and not just one technique. Technically speaking, SEO can also be termed as the part of search engine marketing (however, given the detailed and characteristic processes involved in SEO, we tend to see it as a separate online marketing service). Nonetheless, some of the important services from SEM include Paid advertising like PPC campaigns and other related services.

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