SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

The Internet has made it pretty easy for anyone to start their blog. You can register your blog and start posting content in minutes. However, there is no guarantee that you will get anyone to read your articles.

So many blogs on the web have zero views, which is quite unfortunate. They often get low rankings on search engines and have no chance of anyone ever accessing them. It is a hopeless situation if you have no idea how to get traffic for your blog. Here are some tricks that can get you ahead:

Ask Your Friends for Help

Approaching your friends would be a great place to start if you want to introduce your blog to the public. Share the link to your blog and ask them to read your content. Remember to ask them to post their comments and share what they read.

Post Regularly

You need to post your content regularly to get an audience for your blog. You can come up with a plan to determine how often you will post an article. If you stick to your plan, you are likely to get regular readers and boost your views.

Besides, regular posting is good for SEO. Search engines will determine how active your blog is based on the frequency of your posts. You have to keep updating your content if you want search engines to recognize your blog.

You should be careful, however, not to compromise the quality of your work. You could easily lose your audience and get back to where you started.

Market Yourself on Social Media

Social media will get you the attention you need for free. You can introduce your blog to your friends and followers on social sites and get them to view your content.

The first thing you need, however, is to get a substantial following on various social media platforms. Furthermore, you have to ensure that your posts are captivating. Remember, not everyone who sees your posts will pay attention to them. You have to give them a reason to stop scrolling and read your article.

It is important that you keep your posts short. Social media users will hardly read a long post to the end. After all, there are so many more interesting posts they could be viewing. Let your audience get to the link to your blog before they are tired of reading.

Furthermore, you can add a social media sharing option to your blog. This way, you will make it easy for your audience to share what they read, and in the process, get more people to visit your blog.

Support Other Bloggers

To succeed in the world of blogging, you need to make connections with your peers. You should try cooperating with your competition by linking to their blogs. These bloggers are likely to follow the link to your site to view what you wrote about them.

Be sure to connect with top-performing bloggers. If they like your content, they may link to your blog as well. Recognition by successful bloggers can get you a massive audience.  Remember, you need to write remarkably attractive content to get this kind of attention.

Use SEO Tools

Blogging goes beyond creating topnotch content and approaching people to visit your website. You need to understand how search engines work and use the optimization tools at your disposal. Once you get SEO right, everything will start falling into place.

SEO tools will help you by monitoring your website and providing solutions to the issues holding you back. Therefore, if you want your website performance to be above average, you need to pick a highly effective SEO tool.

One SEO assistant that can get your blog to the top is LeadMirror. This tool will extensively analyze your blog and give you a detailed overview of your performance.

The keywords you use on your content have a significant influence on your website’s traffic. Fortunately, with LeadMirror, you can assess your keyword rankings and compare your performance to that of your competitors. With this information, you can adjust your keywords to outdo your peers.

Use SEO ToolsFurthermore, LeadMirror offers in-page optimization, which provides you with helpful details of the overall performance of your site. You can get the SEO score of your site using this tool. Besides, you get to evaluate your meta titles, heading tags and DOM elements. This tool also shows your blog’s vulnerabilities and provides suggestions for improving your SEO.

Blog Traffic

LeadMirror also provides Link-Sense services. Link-Sense is the best tool for URL-building. It can come up with custom URLs for your blog and optimize your website for both computers and mobile phones. Furthermore, Link-Sense indicates the performance of all the backlinks on your website. You can also find out the domain and page authority of your site.


Be Patient

Building traffic for your blog is not as quick as you may hope. You need to let your website develop gradually. Ensure that you check on your blog as often as possible to see how it is performing. Make the suggested adjustments and wait for an improvement. Eventually, you will get that huge audience you were hoping to attract.

Author: Rehaman stumbled upon marketing during his MBA. Initially inclined to finance, he quickly got bored of filing spreadsheets and ventured into the world of growth hacking at Montaigne. Finding that most marketing tools were needlessly complex, he helped make LeadMirror- an A2i marketing assistant.

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