The Value Of An Accurate Business Listing Site

The Value Of An Accurate Business Listing Site

How many times have you called a business number only to be told by the operator that the number is invalid or it does not exist. How frustrating is that ? And now you need to look for another plumber because your toilet is blocked. Especially when you got the number from may be the Yellow Pages or the Internet, telling you they are the best in the business!

This is the same way that business listing sites work. Think what happens when your details are not accurate on the site. A customer looks for you but can’t get through to you because your details are incorrect or have not been updated.

Around 75% of people say that they lose trust in a local business when an online local listing for that business is incorrect. About 70% say the same if they get lost due to an incorrect physical location. Irrespective of who is at fault, it is crucial that multi-location businesses preserve customer trust by ensuring accuracy in their online location information. Failing to ensure the accuracy of search engine location data can lead to missing out on new customers and jeopardizing relationships with the existing ones. Do you want to take that risk?

The Value of an accurate listing

The obvious one is that you can be contacted. The caller does not get a disconnected signal and when they drive , they actually find that you exist exactly at the spot you have listed on the business directory site. If a customer doesn’t get through to you, they will go to your competitor as they need the product that you are selling but they cannot buy it from you simply because your details are not accurate. Can you afford such blunders?

Nowadays the world have moved onto the web and therefore make sure your details are correct and accurate. Even if you don’t have a web site, having your business included in a number of business directory sites means that you can at least be located and contacted somehow by anyone who is looking for your product or service. Some of these business directories are highly influential. This means that they are used by your customer frequently and are trusted by your current and future customers to be accurate.

You can also enhance or add your business listing with a premium business directory service like That is a choice you have to make.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board.

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