7 Quick Tips to Make SEO Friendly Web Design

7 Quick Tips to Make SEO Friendly Web Design

Design of a website is one of the most important factors that can affect the overall reach of the content. Also, it is one of the major factors that affect the overall traffic on the website too. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to make the web design SEO Friendly. This is why taking help for an SEO Expert is always advised. But, if you want to do it all by yourself, then this article will help you through. Today we are going to talk about 7 quick and easy tips to make a web design SEO Friendly. So, let’s get started.

Importance of Social media buttons

Whether it be a prospective customer or popular Search engines, Social media is something that everyone value nowadays. Not only it is an easy way to interact with your audience but also it will add a way with which anyone who visits your website will be able to check your work. So, when you are designing a website, it is better to add icons of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and link it with your accounts. It will offer stability and better rank on search engines.

Use simple JavaScript

This is something that can help you to make a great deal of difference with some simple changes. JavaScript is the essence of website designing but, the same can also be a down sight in case it is used excessively. Thus, always follow the minimalistic approach as it will make the design more user-friendly and also it will be better for Search Engine Optimization.

Use Keywords Wisely

Web content writing and designing is an art. This is why one of the most difficult tasks of designing the website is the placement of the content because there are so many things that you need to take care of in order to achieve the result. So, if you are not hiring a professional SEO artist then make sure to use different kinds of headings and fonts styles to make the website look a lot better and attractive so that it can attract more traffic.

Minimalistic use of Flash Elements

There are many websites that use a lot of Flash elements such as Gifs or interactive clips to describe a point. But, despite the fact that these are attractive and make the content look better, it decreases the SEO value of the design. Thus, it is advised to use flash elements only when they are required in an extreme manner.

Easy to remember URL

Now, this is something that not many of the web designers take into consideration and thus, face a lot of problems regarding the SEO. Suppose, you are in the fitness industry and have to add a treadmill as a new range of products. So, instead of using a difficult URL try to go with something as simple as ‘http://www.fitnesshub.com/machines/treadmills.

Optimizing Images is important

So, you are making an e-commerce website and have to upload several images of the products and services you are going to offer. Now, for someone who is not an SEO expert, it will be a completely new aspect that Images should be optimised. As per the Search engines, big images are not a great thing if you are aiming for the better search engine optimisation of the web design. So, to make things simple and to offer an ideal tone to the design, try to keep the images in between 30 to the 100Kb range and as per the resolution, 72dpi is considered as perfect.

Cross-check the accessibility

The last thing that you will have to face should be coming across to a final design that is not compatible with all the browsers. Thus, make sure to check as to whether or not the design opens on all the browsers. Also, another factor that you can look up to is the loading time of the web design as search engines never rank designs that are too bulky and take time to load.

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These are the 7 quick tips that can help you to make your web design SEO friendly. Though, it is always advised to help from an SEO company as they will be able to aid your needs in a more precise manner.

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