Top 10 Google Ranking Factors For 2020 

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors For 2020 

Friends! You are deciding to open a blog or making a website for your business, it becomes essential to perform an activity on the website according to the ranking factors. While including ranking factors, many individuals get too finicky about the factors and as a result, do not achieve any objective. It is essential to use only those ranking factors on the website that are of utmost importance rather than using too many ranking factors. By using these 10 ranking factors, you will be able to rank your website on the search engine result page. Not only you would be able to rank but also you will get good traffic on your website. So, here are these top 10 google ranking factors 2020.


Using backlinks is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking your website on the search engine. The selection of backlinks is not done randomly but done based on PageRank, which is the base of the ranking algorithm of Google.

Independent research confirms that there is a relation between backlinks and organic traffic. Remember that using backlinks doesn’t mean that you are over-using it. Therefore, always ensure that use backlinks in a balanced manner.


Freshness is a ranking factor that depends upon the queries searched on the Google platform. For example, if you are searching for coronavirus pandemic, you will get to see top stories related to coronavirus on the search engine. This is because Google can measure that people want to see the latest news.

Topical authority

When it comes to the ranking website, Google wants to rank the pages from authoritative sources. Google algorithm is ranking the website on the new algorithm that is E.A.T. which means expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. To increase the authority, the website focuses on providing internal links.

By including internal links in the pages, not only helps in increasing authority but helps the google in understanding the search patterns of the people.

Page Speed

The page speed of the website has been considered as the leading SEO ranking factor. To increase the user experiene of the webpage, you will have to design a fast loading webpage. The page speed will improve if you include some factors on the website and these factors are, relevant content, content with large font-size, and accessible menus.

By incorporating the above listed factors, your website will become responsive and better navigation on the website will be possible.

Domain age and URL

Remember that 60% of the sites that have top google search ranking is three years old or more. According to the reports from the various websites, it was shown that the newly made websites are less likely to achieve a good ranking on the website. Also, ensure that the domain name should be unique.

If the google found that the domain name is not unique and is matching, then you might get penalized for the same. Along with the unique domain name and older domain, the authority to plays an important role. Include great content, inbound links, and social shares. By combining these three elements, you will be able to get good authority.

Optimized Content

It is essential to build an optimized content than the content that is complex and long . Optimized content means content that has an adequate density of keywords and the display of information is crisp . Avoid content that is plagiarized or copied from the other websites. Write content that is unique and is coherent.

Also, remember that the search engine optimization of the website is not only about using primary keyword but low scale keywords as well. LSI keywords help in the association of words that are close to the main keyword.

Technical SEO

It is said that apart from doing non-technical SEO, it is also important to focus on technical SEO. By including technical SEO, the ranking of your website will get improved. For technical SEO, add keyword phrases in the title page. Use header tags to show the hierarchy in content. Use appropriate sub-headings like H1, H2, and H3.

Add alt text and alt image on the images you are displaying on the website. Also, make use of schema mark-up for producing the content according to google.

User Experience

It is reported by the top digital marketing companies that google uses artificial intelligence for ranking of a webpage. Some of the features it focuses on are click-through rate, bounce rate, and dwell time. By including these features, you will be able to enhance your user experience.

User-experience is very essential. For example, if people visit your website and don’t like it then google will think, it is not relevant to their needs.


Using links is a crucial ranking signal in search engine optimization. When it comes to links, there are three types of links that include, outbound, inbound, and internal link. Different links have different significance. It depends upon you, what is your objective.

Social Signals

When people share the content of your website with other social networks, there is always an increase in traffic. Also, an increase in traffic amounts to better rankings on search engines. These are some of the top google ranking factors 2020, that will help your website in getting a better rank on the search engine.

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