Top 5 effective of SEO for Digital Marketers in 2019

Top 5 effective of SEO for Digital Marketers in 2019

Search Engine Optimization shortly known as SEO is considered as one of the potential tool in the digital marketing. SEO is generally all about the strategies, on how you design the plan for your domain and carry forward in an innovative behavioral manner. When it comes to SEO, there is a lot of mystery lies in the tool. If you are looking forward to getting your content on the top search on Google then walk-in to pursue digital marketing courses in Pune for better knowledge with a practical experience on every tool. There are a lot more things to carry forward with the help of SEO and its algorithms. Creating a game plan for SEO, the user must think according to the search engine and use SEO tools to the maximum.

In the growing era of digital marketing, and increasing advancement in the SEO tools, the user compulsorily should keep an eye on the every single update without missing a day. For digital marketers, SEO is the only one that can find a light of succession to flash the content on the top ranked and reach uncountable audience. In today’s time, there is a tough competition for the SEO executives to stay unique and potential apart from the competitors. SEO is generally a helping hand for digital marketers as they make them quick updated in the market.

We providing the digital marketing courses in Mumbai have come up with some top SEO tools for digital marketers that can surely bring a confirmed success on the digital platform this year:

Moz Pro

It has been reviewed by many, that Moz Pro holds a better understanding in in knowing the requirement of the customers. Moz Pro is a tool that efficiently allows the user to search for keywords used by customers to search for your products and services. Using Moz Pro can helps track the ranking for all the keywords using the search visibility score. Moz Pro easily detects the issues and alert with the notification to avoid your content go off the list from the search engine.It has been highly recommended by the SEO experts to optimize the entire content through frequent Content Audits offered by Moz Pro.

Features:Keyword Competitiveness, know the latest keyword trends, keyword research tool, competitor analysis, and finding new links.

Pricing:Available on monthly and annual basis.


SEMrush is believed to be one of the common tool preferred by most of the digital marketers and SEO experts. It is generally a wholesome marketing suite that promptly allows SEO experts to run competitor analyze content, research and also offers effective keywords according to the domain requirement. Moreover, digital marketers can research a keyword in more than 10 ways. Also, it allows to run backlinks analysis tool. To be more precise and professional, this SEMrush does not leave you and stay more likely a shadow as it seamlessly works with other applications like Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Docs to refine your keyword search wherever it is necessary.

Feature:Mainly used for keyword research & competitor analysis, conducts a deep backlinks analysis, discovers new competitors and more.

Pricing:Available on Monthly & Annual basis

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the proven Google Ranking’s checkers that provides 100% accurate results and it is completely automated tool. Moreover, it provides results for competitor keywords, organic search results, and ads.

Features: Keyword rank tracking, On-page Audit, Website audit, keyword suggestion tool, backlinks checker, backlinks monitoring, marketing plan and more.

Pricing: All the prices are billed annually.

SEO Powersuite

Using SEO Powersuite can track almost everything that includes keywords, website rankings, links, and more. SEO Power Suite is the most comprehensive and at the same time cost effective search engine optimization software package for our customers’ web pages. SEO Powersuite saves a lot of work effort, especially in preparing a client reporting. This SEO software is the only effective software for an ideal marketing on search engine optimization campaigns. SEO Powersuite is easy to handle and scalable to work on for digital marketers.

Features: It comes with some essential tools, backlinks, content, social media along with analytics & reports, on-page and more.


Raven is an amazing SEO reporting toolkit that helps in boosting your search ranking on the SERPs. This SEO tool improves web traffic and reach to the maximum targeted audience with generating leads on the same. This is one of the most genuine tool to be called for reporting to the clients. This is the clean combination for AdWords, Search Console, and Analytics. Moreover, the keyword tracker feature flexibly allows the user to monitor keyword rankings. The website audit tool helps digital marketers to identify site issues in order to resolve them. Raven typically run this feature once in a month.

Features: Site Audits, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, SEO Data, Social Media & Email Marketing Reporting, PPC, and Keyword & Competitors Research.

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