Top Google Ranking Factors in SEO

Top Google Ranking Factors in SEO

One cannot control how the search engines operate. But, one could boost up the website’s chances to appear in the search engines. There comes SEO, which allows aligning the website with Google ranking factors. The organic and paid rankings on Google are determined using the algorithms that account for the different characteristics and metrics Google considers being important and these are the ranking factors. Rely upon the SEO companies in Dubai to work on Google ranking factors.

Types of Google Ranking Factors

  • Off-page: These include backlinks, and they are measured by Google from elsewhere.
  • On page: They are related to the informational quality and keywords of the pages.
  • Technical: These factors are measured on the site and they have more to do with the overall performance of the website.

Below we will be discussing some of the technical strategies suggested by the SEO agencies in Dubai involved in improving your rank.

Technical Google Ranking Factors

  • Site and page speed

No one would like a website that takes time to load. The same is the case with search engines. So, a website that loads quickly is one of the core components in technical SEO. If your website takes too much time to load, the bounce rate would increase and it would affect your ranking. Always users like to experience an easy form of browsing. So, the best SEO company in Dubai suggests keeping this point in mind while performing SEO improvements. Today, there are many tools available to check the loading speed of your website. Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix are some of them.

  • Usability on the mobile

Google makes use of mobile-first indexing when crawling websites. This means the search engine makes use of the mobile version of the website while evaluating the page. Even though the desktop version of your site is flawless; the search engine ranking would go down if the site is not optimized for mobile. Always a preview must be done on the web pages to check whether they are easily accessible over different types of devices and not only the desktop. You could make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly test which helps you in evaluating the page.

  • Internal Links

Search engines work by indexing and crawling the different pieces of content on the website. Crawlers make use of the internal links as signals which helps to properly index and analyze the information. Internal links mean a hyperlink that points to an internal page within your website. The better organized the internal linking structure is, the easier it is for the search engines to look for. To do it you must know what pages you are linking to each time you are creating a new page. To keep the internal links organized, make use of topic clusters. This makes your content easy to navigate.

On-page Google Ranking factors

  • Keyword targeting

It is the basis of an effective SEO strategy as said by the top SEO Company in Dubai and they are the search terms users use to find the desired content they are searching for. Before starting to create content, it is essential to make use of keyword research. The research process allows understanding what the audience is searching for and creating out the content that addresses the search queries. While preparing an article choose out 4 to 5 keywords and insert them into the on-page elements. If you unnaturally fit keywords to your page, your website gets penalized for doing it. So, create better quality and easily understandable content for your website.

  • Title and header tags

Once the keywords are set up, now it is important to insert them into the specific pages on your page like the title and header tags. Search engines make use of these tags to learn about the page and index them appropriately. The title tag is displayed on the search results pages.

  • Meta description

A meta description is a short description that is present in the HTML code of the web page. It is usually displayed in the search results. A meta description is not an important ranking factor as suggested by the SEO consultants Dubai. It gives searchers more information about the page which increases the click rate. So, it is important to include the meta description as part of the SEO.

  • Image alt text

Every image on the website comes with an alt-tag. This tag appears when the image fails to load and helps to understand the image and index it properly.

  • URL Structure

URL structure has an impact on search engine ranking. A jumbled form of URL doesn’t do a good job for the search engines to learn about the page. A URL simple in the structure includes a keyword and is concise.

  • Information quality

Users searching criteria change day to today. So the freshness of the content also gets outdated. Hence, we have to update the content and bring out more information with better quality.

Off-Page Google Ranking Factors

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are links that come outside of your website. According to Google the number and quality of the links to a page would be a strong indicator of the quality of any web page. So, create backlinks accordingly.

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