Unique Ways in Which You Can Use Search Engine Optimization on Instagram

Unique Ways in Which You Can Use Search Engine Optimization on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social marketing platforms, which is growing in popularity constantly. It is visual and hence numerous brands have started flocking and learning methods for Search Engine Optimization for pushing the brand messaging. A content curator should learn to master the various skills and creativity of using the photography with relevant hashtags and captions. If your brand has done almost everything for building a reach, it is high time that you learn using SEO on your Instagram account for the purpose of social marketing. According to www.adespressco.com, 200 million Instagrammers are visiting a business profile regularly.


Determining the message of the brand

The primary step of creating an ideal SEO on your Instagram account is by aligning the efforts with the message that your brand has to convey. You have to make short phrases as well as keywords along with relevant hashtags, which will be used regularly. It is true that the brand message has already been solidified, but you need to understand that Instagram is going to be more about the photos, and on the basis of that, the brand message has to be shortened. Instead, you should concentrate on representing the brand visually. You should also maintain specific keywords when you are describing a particular photo, as this is going to ensure that the account is indexed in accordance with a particular category.

Hosting contests

While a number of brands tend to host contests on various social networking sites, Instagram is one of the fantastic resources, which has started observing the influx of contests. If you decide to invest a certain amount of money for giving specific prizes to those people who are entering the contest, you can be assured that you will get a number of followers. If you are hosting the contest for the prizes especially for boosting the Instagram influence, ensure that your contest is photo-based. The photo of the contest should have relevance with the prize that you are going to give. You can get more followers for Instagram from reputed websites.

Conducting a research on the hashtags and keywords

Most of the brands are used to Google keyword planner for developing the perfect marketing strategy. However, in the case of Instagram, there is no place for evaluating the keyword or the hashtag data that you are going to use for optimizing the Instagram account. You can make use of applications for viewing what the other brands are using for their hashtags on their Instagram account. However, these applications are not going to organize your hashtags in a manner, which is going to showcase relevancy. It is completely dependent on the content curator for understanding the hashtags that are going to work the best for both popularity as well as the SEO reach on your Instagram account.

Opting for influencer marketing

Another important and creative manner in which you can use your Instagram is by taking help from influencers for pushing the message of the brand. Influencers can be celebrities or the bloggers, or even people who are known to have a huge following.


With the strategies that have been stated above, your brand should be fine-tuning the Instagram account in a simple and convenient manner for a proper Search Engine Optimization. With time you will notice that your followers, engagement, and reach are increasing.

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