The Right Way to Make SEO Work for Franchises

The Right Way to Make SEO Work for Franchises

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is possibly the most important tool any entrepreneur need when they decide to bring their business online. If you want to gain interest from your target audience and keep that interest sustained, you will need SEO so that you’re on the first page of Google’s (or any search engine’s) listing.

SEO for Franchises by Tom Johnston

According to SEO for Franchises by Tom Johnston, there are two basic aspects of Search Engine Optimization:

On-Page Optimization:

Creating good page titles, meta descriptions and meta tags are just some of the techniques used here to ensure that your website’s rankings are doing well.

Link Building:

Finding websites and pages which are relevant to your business and linking it to your website is another important strategy to increase the traffic to your site.

For newbies, that sounds hard enough. What’s even more difficult is when you have several franchises of the same business in different cities. But winning at this game is not impossible when you’ve got a good grasp of the basics:

Fresh Content is King:

Don’t just make several versions of one website for different franchises, even if all fall under the same company. That’s not just lazy, that would be completely useless. Each franchise should have unique content.

Localize the Right Way:

Although one domain is used, see to it that information about specific franchises is provided. Don’t just stop at giving geographical information like your address, zip code, and contact details. Make everything about the website of a particular franchise local as this becomes more ‘personal’ to your target audience in the area.

Take Advantage of Social Media:

Making a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (just to name a few) page of your franchise’s website legitimizes you in the eyes of your target audience. But creating these page isn’t enough. Remember, you want to keep people interested. You want to sustain that interest. So engage them through these platforms.

Customer Reviews will Help:

While Yelp and Foursquare are good sites to find legitimate reviews about businesses, customers also want to see reviews posted on your own website and even on your social media pages. While finding criticisms posted on your site is a scary thought, encourage them to voice out as this still means traffic to your site.

Mobile Responsiveness is Key:

In SEO, your user is your priority. Now that everyone’s on their mobile phones, see to it that you have a mobile responsive website which will keep your target audience browsing without the seemingly minor hassle of zooming in or out and swiping in various directions.

For more specific advice and/or in-depth explanation about this particular topic, check out SEO for Franchises by Tom Johnston. Learn more about the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization and you will see what an immense help this will be for your business.

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