How WordPress Plugins Help To Increase Your Search Traffic

How WordPress Plugins Help To Increase Your Search Traffic

Ranking on search engine has become so much had these days that every new blogger has to face. Many new beginners used to ask me about this question multiple times.

However, there are many things you need to make sure in your site get proper ranking. These days WordPress has become one of the popular content management systems.

There are lots of Best WordPress Plugins which will help you sort out those things. This includes Backlink Making, Internal Linking, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and things on.

While starting every new blog and website you need to look after this things than only you can get rank your blog in the search engine.

Best WordPress Plugins to increase your Search Traffic

Here in this article we have brought you different kinds of Best WordPress Plugins. This comes with awesome new features leading your website to great ranking and leading to increase your Search Traffic.


Sharethis is one of the popular WordPress Plugin which helps users to share the content in their social media handle. Social media is one of the largest platforms to share your content which will help you increase your site traffic without even doing SEO. If you have good appearances and larger audience base than social media can play great role in increasing your Search Traffic.

Sharethis is one of the popular WordPress Plugin which comes with a lot of potential and creative features which can increase your appearances in the social media. The Plugins has awesome UI and Button that you can put on your blog which makes users to focus on that button leading to more share of your post. Most of the Plugin don’t have Hovering features but this tool comes with hovering features which helps you to share post wherever you are on page.

2.WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter is one of the popular Plugin which lets you share your blog post easily from you website. In addition to this users can easily tweet as well. This will let twitter users so much help to share your content over social media. So, consider it if you haven’t used such tools up to now. Social media has great potential believe me if you have good traffic than you don’t even have to depend upon Google for Traffic you can easily attract visitor from social Media.

Besides this, most of the people use social media as compared to Google for being updated about information. If you have news website than you can increase your search traffic. I have been using this tool for couples of years and it has never let me down and I can see a lot of traffic coming from Twitter in my Blog. This is one of the Best WordPress Plugins to use if you are beginner users.

3.Google Analyticor

Google Analyticor is one of the popular Plugin which lets you connect Google analytics to your WordPress website you don’t have to visit Google Analytics from different website you can on your own site. This Plugin helps you understand more about the traffic statistics and traffic for which blog you are receiving for and points goes on. It also saves you’re a lot of times and the best part with this Plugin is that it is available for free.

You don’t have to pay single penny for it all you need to do is just install the Plugin into your Website and that’s all. You can also use other Plugins similar to Google Analyticor but I don’t recommend you to use such Plugin because many of them are large in size leading your website slowing down.

4.WordPress SEO Bot

WordPress SEO Bot is one of my Favorite tools when it comes to page optimization. If most of your traffic is dependent upon the search engine than you need to consider using this tools. Most of you don’t have enough time to look after small SEO thing which might have bad impact on your Site and in your Traffic. To solve this issue WordPress SEO Bot let you underline the focus keywords and link the one post to other with their intelligent features and you don’t have to do it by yourself.

It checks things like Bold, Italic, Underline Keywords, Meta tags and so on. So this is one of my Best WordPress Plugins which has helped me a lot in early days of blogging.

Besides this, there are any popular tools like WordPress SEO Bot which include Rank Math. You can also check these Plugins.


Nextscripts is one of the popular Plugin which helps you to share in social media. Most of the uses depend on Google as the main traffic sources. You can also increase your traffic from the social media. NextScripts is one of the popular Plugins which let you auto post your content in the social media. This Plugin let you to share you blog post in a lot of social media which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp and so on.

You don’t have to spend your time sharing the post in many different social site all you need to do is just install this Plugin. Add the post you want so share in social media and it will post on timing that you want so share. There are more than 7 social media where you can share your post.


The above are some of the Best WordPress Plugins which will help you to improve your blog traffic. There are still many popular Plugin which we haven’t discussed but the above Plugin are enough to improve your blog traffic. If you came to know more about the Plugin than you might be confused too so we have only presented 5 popular Plugin which will help you boost the Website traffic. You can also use as per your requirement but as a beginner these Plugin will help you a lot to get proper ranking and generate traffic into your blog.

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