10 Ghostwriting Tips and Motivations to Get You Maximum Enthusiastic

10 Ghostwriting Tips and Motivations to Get You Maximum Enthusiastic

There is a cool pearl of wisdom about success, and it reads: “There are two types of people who will tell you that you can’t make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who fear you will succeed. “

When you are tempted to become a successful ghostwriter. Then immerse yourself in that world for real, then your success has started. Your only obstacle is senior ghostwriters trembling to see you in their niche!

Well, now you’ve made a decision. My job is to share tips – not tips, because standard words are tips – to write and motivation to write so that you will soon be in my circle. Hopefully you have also become my rivals by becoming a biography writing service provider or claiming to be a Professional ghostwriter.

Here are 10 ghostwriting tips mixed with writing motivation to make you exist and become a professional writer. Listen up.

  1. Success as a ghostwriter is when you can enrich the lives of those who read your work and also enrich your own life.

That is the noble mission of a true professional ghostwriter!

Before going far with a lot of works, first improve your sincerity in your profession. This is not only true for ghostwriters but universal for all job choices. Make sure that there is genuine intent when you want to become a autobiographer or a novelist, fiction and non-fiction, or even an editor.

Make sure that your work is positive work, engaging people in true inner riches. Entertaining and enriching knowledge. Or, complement the goodness and skills of your readers. It depends on the topic you write about. The effect is, when you have helped others with positive works, then yourself will be enriched thanks to your kindness.

2. When ghostwriting and we are fixated on the great work of others, surely not a single word is involved. Stop comparing yourself to others when writing.

My advice, when you are at the computer or already holding a pen, empty your emotional ties with idol writers. Writing a novel or a nonfiction script is the same: write a draft without thinking about anything else! Great readings by other people are references and they are paid off before you actually write.

Do freewriting for 10 minute

without stopping and without editing, let alone glancing and leafing through other people’s writings. Do not! I’m sure your writing will finish quickly by breaking away from the great work of your role model.

3. Most people fail in life because they struggle with their will and shop as much as they want.

Life must have a plan, right? Likewise in terms of writing good and timely writing. Crap with the mood and writer’s block! Make an outline and deadline so that the target of

writing a novel or any script is completed on time, not just when you want to write.

It’s the same with shopping for reference books. If you have limited money, buy books that really need and are relevant, not just want. This is tough but there are times when you curb the things that are not important so that your career bounces quickly.

4. Prepare for opportunities

What preparations does a ghostwriter have for seizing opportunities? I make sure I have a selected and quality network. My Facebook friends have indeed been 5,000 people since years ago. I have sorted in it, there are editors as my channel to enter publishers, there are also novice writers, illustrators, and even record transcript service providers.

Not only that, I also created networks with professions similar to mine: biographers, script editing service providers, and also fellow ghostwriters.

Opportunities can come from people above us, can arise from people in our profession, even from people who occasionally get jobs from us! Set up a network and opportunities come together.

5. Research on successful and unsuccessful people proves that there is no significant difference in intelligence or educational levels between the two groups.

Yes, I do not deny the important role of intelligence, education level, and even one’s talent in achieving success. However, these three things are not necessarily

the ticket to success. There is a wide array of contributing factors to ensure that these three things work perfectly.

John C. Maxwell in the book “Beyond Talent” can even formulate that there are 13 important factors supporting success, including focus, initiative, preparation, practice, character, and others.

6. Think creatively? It is said in the book “Goodbye Things”, there are 60,000 thoughts a day. 95% the same as yesterday. and, 80% are negative thoughts. Want to be creative? Get rid of negative thoughts.

One of the essential apps on my Android is junk cleaner. Every time my smartphone slows down this app becomes a savior god. It can clean junk and default programs that run involuntarily.

Our brains are no different. There are lots of thoughts, anxieties, prejudices, worries, and a whole host of brain work that swirls on the negative side. How can we write quality ghostwriting if our brains work with the burden of negative thoughts?

Discard and find positive things for our brain intake. Unfollow or block all of your social media friends who only provoke anxiety and a burning feeling in your heart!

7. Deadline is a dead line? Yes, ideas that are postponed will wither like seeds that are simply sown and ignored. After a long time, the idea died.

Did you know, writing software and computer tips or guides to cracking the internet should be written as quickly as possible. If not, you’ve just written half of the script, suddenly a new software version appears or the menu display changes. As a result, the script that you have written and screenshots becomes stale.

That doesn’t just apply to computer-themed writing. In many cases, writing books on health, parenting, psychology, and even making novels can lose moments when the writing process is delayed.

Even if the info is still up-to-date, who can guarantee that no other writer agrees

with you and that he is more agile? Create a deadline for each ghostwriting service and make sure you make it and you are obliged to comply with that deadline!

8. A twist ending is a story ending that does not match what the audience imagines. You are speechless and even replay the memory of the storyline in front. It gets more chaotic if there is a double twist ending.

I’ll add a novel writing tip. I hate reading novels or watching films with predictable endings . Therefore, be smart so that the story leads the reader to a conclusion that … is wrong. That’s a twist novel . Publishing editors love so that buyers of your novels will put your name on the list of the most talented novelists!

9. What figure of speech? Best  way of describing something by equating it with

something else. Call it figurative.

Now, it’s time to reopen English language lessons while still in junior high school! Make your speech style when presenting an idea or story make it easy to read and compelling. Straightness is good but with the addition of the right language style, the allure is more visible.

There are many figure of speech that you can process and insert in the sentences of the script. Only by writing a lot will your speaking style skills become more flexible.

10. I believe … believe there is a time God.

Last but not least, after you have applied many ghostwriting agency and you have done a number of attempts, leave the end result to God’s time and plan. It could be that your manuscript was rejected 10 times, it means that God’s time is not now. Or, God give you the opportunity to revise the manuscript until it is near perfection.

It took me 10 years to survive as a biographer and ghostwriter service provider. I was tempered by the time and opportunity given by God.

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