11 Ways To Make This Eid Special For Your Family

11 Ways To Make This Eid Special For Your Family

Have been waiting for this auspicious day to arrive eagerly and have been worrying about how to celebrate it this time differently.

Eid holidays features the year, looking forward as it approaches. All the thrills and excitements that you have been waiting whole year, now it is time to make all the thoughts and plan to happen. Look for some of the amazing ideas that would revive the thrill and make this memory to cherish for a long time. A perfect get to gather after so much time to capture the memories. Order cake online in Dubai and celebrate this day with your friends and relatives.

Here are some 11 ways to make this Eid special.

Plan in advance

whoop for a family meeting a week before and plan what you wish to do on this Eid. Appeal to others in the afternoon time, and have dinner at a restaurant in the evening? And make sure everyone has a day off from work, school or any other commitments.

Clean and adorn the house

Transform the house as sparkling as you can make it. If there is enough time and weather is warm, deal with whitewashing the house and putting mattresses and bedding outside to air out. Then the house is basically spotless, adorn it with balloons, lights, banners, streamers etc. Gather all the kids involved in this project. Make decorative signs saying, Eid Mubarak. Put an Islamic song on the CD, so that each person can easily sing the song while working.

Make special food

Make something unique that the family does not normally eat. It could be sour, sweet or something else. The main mark is that Eid is special, so prefer a special dish on this day that would be better than ordinary days.

Set up a family gift exchange

Mark each other name on a family member in a kufi. Whosoever picks a person name has to purchase. One catch is to make the gifts from everyone. Make Eid special for your family by presenting gifts.

Buy new clothes

Kids will not bother this Eid if they wore old salwar –kameez, suit or thobe. Buy some new clothes for kids and everybody else and make them feel special about this Eid.

Wash the car

Who aspires to go to Eid prayers in a dirt-stained car filled with gum wrappers and cookie wraps?

Visit an elite restaurant

Make an outing with your family members and have an amazing time trying new stuff and share all your old memories and a good laugh. If the food services are good, do not forget to refer the restaurant to your friends also.

Ride in a car

Take the family into the countryside area, and try to get disappear on some unnamed roads and give the challenge to remember the road to get home. This is surely going to be fun and will relive the thrill in your life.

Share Eid with your neighbours

prepare a dessert or something unique and write some inspirational words on a decorative item. Bring some flowers for your neighbours and give some heart-warming greeting on this day.

Visit relatives on this Eid

Pay a visit to those who live far especially. There is relatively no better time than Eid. You cannot visit them or you surely could share your greetings online and do not forget to order flowers delivery on their doorstep.

Transform this night into the entertaining night

Give the work of arranging the songs to the kids, present them the entertainment night. Engage the teens to manage the entire work. Make an entertaining night and order cake delivery in Dubai to celebrate it with everybody.

There are plenty of ideas that you could plan in order to have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Happy Eid time with your friends and family!

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