4 Remarkable Benefits of Indoor Plants in Melbourne

4 Remarkable Benefits of Indoor Plants in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for having four seasons in a day which refers to having unpredictable weather. Therefore, the trend of keeping indoor plants in Melbourne is quite essential and popular. The indoor plants are not only meant to be kept at home but to other places as well such as offices, hospitals, restaurant, hotel, clinic, showrooms and more. There are numerous benefits of being surrounded by the fresh and Eco-friendly environment. Before discovering the nine best indoor plants to grow, let us dive deeper into understanding the benefits of growing indoor plants.

Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants

1. Purifying Air

NASA has reported that the houseplants are capable of removing the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) substances. The VOCs substances are the toxic substances that include formaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, etc. As per the research, plants can remove VOC toxins from air upto 87% every 24 hours. They work like the natural air purifier.

In hospitals, plants aid in speeding the recovery rates due to the oxygen enrich the environment.

2. Healthy Physical and Mental Health

The indoor plants do not only improve your physical health but they are also responsible for providing a peaceful atmosphere. When you breathe pure air, your biological systems can run without any glitches. As per the study of the Agricultural University of Norway, presences of indoor plants reduces the rate of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry cough problems. They cease the toxin particles to develop in the nearby places where the plants are kept.

The healing power of indoor plants in potent and has been proved very beneficial for the patients suffering from various acute and chronic.

3. Stress Healer

We are working all around the clock and get exhausted from the load of many day-to-day activities. Getting up on time, office pressure, tension to pay bills and many more things like these are enough to render us the painful stress. Headache and frustration can be easily caused in this hectic lifestyle. The uncertain weather change adds more to it. Although, indoor plants in Melbourne help to reduce the stress.

The healing potential of nature is remarkable and indoor plants are the part of nature. The plants foster the feeling of well-being.

4. Beautiful decoration

Indoor plants give the beautiful appearance when kept inside the office, hospitals, homes, restaraunts, etc. There are different shapes and sizes of indoor plants available. Here is the list of some of them.

1. Happy Plant
2. Bamboo Palm
3. Lady Palm
4. Sago Palm
4. Conifer
5. Golden Cane Palm
6. Date Palm
8. Dragon Plant
9. Sansevieria Snake
10. Kentia Palm

How to place indoor plants?

As per the research of NASA, it is recommended to place one potted plant per 100 square feet of indoor space. It may also vary as per the size and design of the place. To fill your surrounding with fresh and wholesome air, contact Foliage Indoor Plant Services to place the utmost suiting indoor plants in Melbourne. Other services are also available.

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