5 Benefits Of Digital Billboards

5 Benefits Of Digital Billboards

Whether it is a highway or a freeway, you will find several billboards in Melbourne. Although it is an old medium of advertising, it is effectively reaching the people of Melbourne. According to research, 74 per cent of Australians view billboards several times a week. Additionally, 88 per cent of Australians say that the brands stand out on billboards. At present, digital billboard advertising is flourishing and will soon reach new heights. It’s no wonder that the digital billboards in Melbourne are catching everyone’s attention. You can attain a range of benefits with the billboards, unlike their traditional counterparts. Read on to know the advantages of advertising with them.

1. They can increase visibility and notoriety: With the advancement of technology and an increasing number of brands, you must know how to draw your customers’ attention. Brands and companies must be adaptable to advertise as per new customers and the demanding ones. Since the traditional billboards are static advertisements, digital ones are prioritised more. After all, the digital format gains more attention than the printed counterparts. If your brand or company has a trademark, your customers will recognise your brand or company anywhere. In addition to this, when your brands are at a prime location like high-traffic intersections, it means that you get more views on your advertisement. Due to the strong interactivity, the visibility of the brand increases, and it increases awareness among consumers. Apart from the prime locations, you can also include them as a part of interactive advertisements and campaigns. Many companies have recognised that notoriety is the brand’s source of value. When there is more recognition, you can ensure that visibility and notoriety increase.

2. They are cost-effective and creative: You might have to spend an arm or leg for traditional billboards. But when it comes to digital billboards, you can ensure that they are cost-effective. What’s more, they are versatile than their traditional counterparts. You can include fixed images or motion graphics and videos, just like a typical short advertisement. Most of all, you can add moving elements to your promotion to elevate them to a higher level. Since the read time on a major highway or roadway is 10 to 12 seconds on average, you must make your digital advertisement accordingly.

3. They come in high quality: You need not be much concerned about the changes in weather and the printing quality of the billboards. If you have a digital billboard with high resolution and well-designed advertisement, the quality will stay consistent on the digital screen no matter what.

4. They are a great return on investment: Increasing revenue and customer satisfaction is the prime goal for many start-ups, traditional distributors and display providers. Everyone wants to invest in the next innovation. Billboards can make a significant impact on the customers if they meet the expectations. An interactive billboard can definitely generate more revenue. You can even include them in specific programs or festivals for more recognition or interaction. A surprising fact is that every dollar spent on these billboards can generate approximately 6 dollars ROI. As per the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), outdoor advertising is 40 per cent more effective than digital search. Additionally, 72 per cent of viewers frequently shop on their way home from work. That’s how they are reaching customers.

5. They are easy to edit: Editing on digital billboards has never been easier! To make changes, you can switch out one photo over another, update the timings of the event and reflect a price reduction. You can make quick changes to the billboards.

You can install digital billboards in Melbourne if you require flexibility and want to keep up with the environment. They are also an effective marketing strategy that won’t disappoint you. You can ensure your ads will keep people hooked on the billboard screens.

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