5 To-Die-For Home Styling Trends that Will Take Over 2019!

5 To-Die-For Home Styling Trends that Will Take Over 2019!

If you are a property stylist, you must be the greatest believer and witness of the power of home styling to sell. And if you aren’t a property stylist, seeing any styled property both before and after shall make you believe in its power. Yes, not all properties need home styling, and you might just be lucky to come across a house which already has all furniture and accessories in place, but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. The ingredients needed to create a gorgeous and appealing home may all be there, but it’s all down to the space utilisation, layout and rearrangement of the rooms.

That’s what makes all the difference when you are listing your house for sale. And that’s where experience, expert advice, and professional eyes come into the picture. An expert home stylist shall know exactly what the market wants, and will come up with the best layout for you to showcase a room, and the entire house for that matter. So, that’s precisely why you need to go for a well-known service that offers home styling in Brisbane. Brisbane Makeover Co. is one of the best property styling specialists in all of Brisbane. They will assist you in elevating the value of your property and provide you with cost-friendly solutions that actually work.

Property styling trends to look out for in 2019:

As easy as it may sound to redecorate a property and put it up for sale, it’s actually quite the opposite. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it for making the home attractive to potential customers. High-quality furniture, luxurious fabrics, and original artworks need to be placed strategically to create a heavenly abode with highlighted features. You could also visit a reputed furniture warehouse clearance centre to get your hands on gorgeous furniture, sourced from local, national, or even global manufacturers at the best prices.

Greek Goodness

All of us can safely admit that every once in a while our mind and heart wanders to the faraway stunning cliffs of Santorini and the endless hours we spend in battling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, btw) . Well, 2019 is the year to create your own Mediterranean coast on your property. Yes, we are talking about white stucco exteriors, short-legged, hardwood or iron furniture, minimal earthy interiors and accessories like an earthy, textured rug.

Nice nostalgia

Yes, it’s time to bring the 60’s and 70’s back into the story. For all of you, who want to go the nostalgia way, and bring back those sunken lounges, stone fireplaces, that old record player etc., 2019 is your year to do it. It’s time to get that bar built in; stocking up on your drinks and wiping those drinking mugs and glasses.

Amazonian Art

Is creating your own private greenhouse essentially your goal? Well, then plant lovers, it’s time for you to shine. Deck up your home with palms, ferns, hanging plants, more plants, and lush greenery and attain ultimate jungle vibes. Mix and match colourful pots, plant décor, and use spaces like the foyer and under stairways to show off your green-thumb powers.

Rustic Rise

This trend is to call out to all the adventure enthusiasts and explorer souls out there. Choose warm tones of colour like peach, apricot etc. and make sure to incorporate intricate geometric tile patterns or a mural which are the stars of the theme. Warm up the interiors with the help of terracotta walls, roof tiles, vases etc. And also, install arched doorways or frescoed ceilings while you are at it.

Modern Manhattan

This is like a fashion-blogger-meets-interior-stylist trend of the year. Think of pretty pinks, Dalmatian dotted wallpapers, white interiors, and bold zebra prints etc. and of course, exquisite designer gold accented furniture. Framed fashion posters, quirky high quality décor stuff etc. you might get the picture by now. Basically, the bolder and brighter, the better it is.

So, these trends were basically a break-down of the hottest ones coming up this year and will make your property a sure shot sell-out. So, check these out and make sure that you end up making no interior faux pas. So, are you ready for such statements trends and Instagrammable moments that are coming up?

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