5 lingerie conversations with BFF

5 lingerie conversations with BFF

She is your partner in crime, she is your BFF, and as Meredith Grey, in the iconic TV Series Grey’s Anatomy calls the BFF ‘her person’. You have opened your heart to her and her to you about everything on the face of this earth. From first crushes to latest dates, from latest flicks to the Kardashians, you have talked about it all. Somewhere amidst all this, you girls have huddled together on the bed while you shopped till you dropped online. You not only discuss if cold-shoulder is in but your intimate lingerie woes and doubts. We took some wild guesses and tried to figure out the five lingerie conversations you have with your BFF.

lingerie conversations with BFF

If it’s as comfortable as it looks sexy

We sure wouldn’t believe you if you tell us that despite reading all you can about thongs and G-strings, you still haven’t discussed with bae about them. They look utterly sexy and you think that you should own one for sure. But then, they might dig into the skin is what you fear. Time to have a hearty talk with your girl about her experience. You can even wear a few pieces and strut in front of her to get to know how they look on you. And if you dint earlier, you can now ask her if those thongs gave her a wedgie.

What’s your style

She knows you like the back of her hand and she probably also knows which is your go-to bra and your size. In case you want someone else to do the lingerie shopping for you, you know who to call. Your mom was the one who bought you your first bra and panty. But now that you are a young lady, ready to conquer the world, most of your shopping happens with your BFF. If we keep both your closets side by side, we bet that we will find some matching lingerie in both the closets. You can’t have enough of twinning, can you?


You have washed each other’s undies too

And discussed them! She might even have shared her mom’s tips of washing lingerie while you chimed in with what your mom told you about the topic. Chances are, both of you probably spoiled a lot of lingerie before getting it right. You both also learned how to store those padded and underwire bras together, didn’t you?

washing lingerie

Share it like a pro

How many times have you called up your BFF right before that big date, wanting her to solve your lingerie woes? You have just the right strapless dress to wear for your prom or the first date and that stick-on bra just wouldn’t stick. And which side is the upside? Do I wear a seamless panty with it or a thong? Will a balconette be the perfect choice with it or a tube bra? We have just started on the long list of questions you bombard your BFF with.

Share it like a pro

Hold that tape my darling, will you

You have had that nagging feeling at the back of your mind and at your back, that the bra size that you are wearing is just not right. You boobs are either all over the place, spilling out of their cups or the bra is too tight and giving you heartache all day. It’s time to measure yourself to get your size but you know how clumsy you are and how meticulous your BFF is. If she measures you, chances are you will get your accurate size. Time to ring the bell and call her over for the most important part of your life.

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