5 Mistakes People Make While Moving & How To Avoid Them!

5 Mistakes People Make While Moving & How To Avoid Them!

Have you made your decision to shift your home from present location to another? If yes, then you must pay heed to some points before you start planning or packing your stuffs.

Here are the few mistakes that most of you always make during the relocation period –

1. The most common mistake people making is of assuming the fact that they have a lot of time to execute their move.

Packing and moving in a perfect manner is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires strength, patience, calm mind and ample amount of time to perform everything effortlessly. It is very important to manage time and execution very well so that you can get a perfect result out of it.

It will not only help your goods to move smoothly but also will keep you out of any kind of last-minute hassle.

You must keep in mind that planning should be done only when you have confirmed your moving day. Once you do so, you can easily prepare for your move and decide the number of preparation days you need until the actual moving day arrives.

Once you have decided the day you need to actually move, start your preparations 3-4 weeks prior to the actual moving date. During these days, you can plan your move by looking for the packers and movers you want to hire for the move, deciding on the moving budget, planning the execution of the move, etc.

2. Another mistake people make is that they don’t search for references while looking for a moving company.

Ensure verifying the moving service providers that you seek thoroughly to avoid yourself falling into any kind of mess later. You should try to check if the company is prompt in resolving the complaints that the other customers had. By this, you will get to know how client-centered the company actually is.

3. Finalizing your moving company on account of cheap quote.

One of the worst ways to choose a mover is by comparing only the rates of various moving companies with each other. There is very high completion of packing and moving companies to be on the top and to achieve the top position, many local packers provide services on cheap rates. Finalizing a moving company on the basis of only rates is the idiotic decision one can ever make. These companies who quote less will most probably charge hidden costs and ask for additional charges after your move or between the same. To avoid that, you must ask them to give a final written confirmation that the quote they are providing is the only and final quote and no changes will be made further. In addition, make sure that you have included all the items that you wish to move. If you add any item later, then the packers will get a chance to increase the price as per their wish.

4. Not de-cluttering the goods before the moving day.

You should make it a must to de-clutter all the goods while starting the packing process. Generally, people tend to forget such important task and perform it while moving, which ultimately results in hassle move or loss of the items. By separating unused items from the ones you need to use, will naturally take less time to pack and you won’t have to carry extra luggage anymore. Also, it is noteworthy that your cost of moving also decreases by de-cluttering.

5. Not allotting ample amount of time to pack the goods.

Most of you make the mistake of not allocating enough time to pack your items. Packing each and every item is not as simple as it seems. If you pack in a proper way, the goods will not take enough space of the box, and it will consequently cut off your moving cost. Also, delicate items like glass items, etc. need special packaging which needs to be done slowly and carefully. Make certain to book you movers and packers in advance instead of final day reservation. It is so because the mover will also require enough time to pack the goods efficiently. Last-minute execution will not do anything good instead will damage your goods and worsen your relocation experience. To escape such incident, make sure to hire a reputed and professional moving company.

So, take notice of the fore mentioned points and experience smooth and stress-free relocation.

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