QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: 5 QuickBooks Add-Ons You Should Get

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: 5 QuickBooks Add-Ons You Should Get

Businesses are extensively using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and other versions of QuickBooks software to maintain their business accounts. The software has multiple features that make it one of the best tools available in the market. And the software can also accommodate several add-ons that improve the overall functioning of the software.

But do you know what types of add-ons will be most beneficial for accounting and tax purposes? Don’t worry! We will discuss the top 5 add-ons that you must integrate into your QuickBooks software application.

But first, let’s start with knowing a little about QuickBooks and the different ways you can access the software. Also, we will discuss the benefits of having add-ons in the QuickBooks software application.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: A Brief Overview

You might already know that QuickBooks is accounting software that makes the maintenance of business accounts easier and hassle-free. Using QuickBooks tremendously improves the financial management of every business.

Now, you may or may not know this, but QuickBooks can be used and accessed in three ways.

  • QuickBooks Desktop: The software application has a desktop version. You can install the desktop version on a computer system in your office and use it to maintain the business accounts. However, using the desktop version has its own drawbacks.

Having a desktop version limits access to the computer system. You also need to have a dedicated office space which can be expensive for small businesses. And since the access is only through the desktop version, remote access is not possible.

  • QuickBooks Online: The software application is also available online. You can access the online version from anywhere anytime. This reduces the need to have a single system dedicated to the software application. Also, you now don’t need office space thus reducing your operational costs.
  • Hosted QuickBooks: And lastly, you can get remote access to QuickBooks desktop by hosting the desktop version on the cloud. Hosted QuickBooks allows you to access data easily from anywhere anytime. The hosted software also helps you save money on installing multiple desktop systems and office space. It also offers continuous data backup on multiple servers. Hence you can easily retrieve any data lost easily.

Now that you have an overview of the QuickBooks software application, let’s talk about add-ons.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Importance of Add-Ons

Add-Ons are easy-to-use tools that can be added to the software application. The main aim is to enhance the basic features of the software application. With these add-ons, you can easily fulfill different business functions.

Here’s why add-ons in QuickBooks can be beneficial for your business.

  • Managing expenses: Any business must keep an eye on its expenses. Expense management add-ons assist you in keeping a strict record of invoices and receipts.
  • Managing inventory: As a business, you need to process your sales orders as quickly as possible. Also, you need to keep a track of different products, parts available in your stores. Thus, inventory management add-ons are really helpful.
  • Appointment scheduling: No matter your business type, you will always have a meeting or an appointment scheduled. And appointment scheduling add-ons will be helpful to keep a track of important meetings.
  • Payment plans: As a business, you either need to pay someone or receive payment from someone. In both cases, having flexible payment plans will be beneficial. With QuickBooks payment plan add-ons, you can automatically update the records once payment is made.
  • Time tracking and employee management: You want your employees to have high productivity. Moreover, you want to calculate payroll for your employees. With employee management and time tracking add-ons, you can easily keep track of your employees and manage time.
  • Paperless: Using QuickBooks add-ons allows your business to go paperless. Since everything is stored digitally, it makes your job easier. No more messy files and cabinets.
  • Automation: And finally, you can fully automate all your business operations with add-ons. This will increase accuracy and save you a lot of time.

5 QuickBooks Add-Ons to Have

  • ACCTivate!

If you are looking for an inventory management add-on for QuickBooks, ACCTivate! is the add-on you should get. This inventory management add-on is made for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

The add-on allows you to keep a complete track of inventory and projects along with reducing manual calculations. The add-on also helps you increase collaboration and visibility.

  • Bill.com

For creating flexible payment plans, you must get a Bill.com add-on. This add-on makes it easier for your business to streamline the payment process. You get several e-payment modes such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and ACH. You can easily create and pay your bills and manage invoices.

  • Method CRM

Want to manage your customer records, generate new customers and maintain long-term customer relationships? Get the Method CRM for QuickBooks. With this add-on, you can easily keep a track of all your customer relationships. You can easily prepare customer data, invoices, and statements. You can easily track leads and increase your working accuracy.

  • SmartVault

This add-on is a must-have when you have cloud-hosted QuickBooks. The SmartVault add-on gives you a powerful tool to maintain the security of sensitive data and documents. Only authorized users will have access to the data and the ability to share information across the organization. SmartVault allows you to build a single platform for your team to access data and collaborate.

  • BillQuick

When you need time tracking, billing, and project management feature in a single add-on, BillQuickis the perfect QuickBooks add-on. It will simplify a myriad of processes such as data entry, tracking expenses, employee time, and automating HR tasks. You can also manage all your supplier contracts with BillQuick add-on along with creating invoices.

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