5 Quintessential Features of Australian Police Checks Online

5 Quintessential Features of Australian Police Checks Online

Does your business need to conduct a police check? Statistics show that Australia processes about six million name-checks every year, making it the most common type of police check. 

Many companies request Australian police checks online in the interest of their business, employees, and clients. Meanwhile, the Internet has been vital in improving checking and reporting. 

Below are some key features to look for:

Blockchain Databases

When storing police check data, companies need to secure it through options like blockchain technology. It is a particular type of database that stores data differently than standard databases.    

The process is technical, but here are the basics. As the name suggests, the data is stored in blocks. Those data blocks are then chained together. A company stores new data in a new block then connect it to the existing data chain. 

In-house blockchains are essential for security purposes. This technology helps to ensure that only certain parties like clients of police check businesses, can access the data. 

In some instances that companies store sensitive data, it’s also crucial for the data to be stored within the country where it is accessed. 

For example, Australian police checks are conducted using national law enforcement databases, so companies must store that data within Australia to maximize security. 

Personal Portal

This portal is related to blockchain tech. After a company conducts a police check, a company can then access results from a personal portal. This portal is a secure “block” of the blockchain database. Only the company requesting the police check can access the data, which provides more security.

Fast Results

Web-based police checks make the process faster versus offline checks. This feature is critical for companies that need the data quickly when hiring workers. After the data is supplied to clients, they then have the option to share the results electronically or print them out. 

National/International Police Checks

In most cases, national checks are required within a particular country like Australia. For example, many employers, such as businesses and organizations, will want to conduct a background check before hiring an applicant. 

Meanwhile, some companies also offer international background checks. This feature would be practical when hiring either Australian or foreign applicants to determine if they have a police record abroad. 

This process is more common due to the spike in globalization in recent decades. For example, about one-third of Australian residents aged 15+ years old were born abroad, according to the Australian government. Another factor is that over 1% of Australian citizens live abroad.

International background checks cost more than local checks, but this is practical since the United Nations recognizes 195 sovereign states in the world.

VISA Check

This is also known as a “right to work” check to determine whether or not a foreign applicant meets the requirements to work in Australia based on national laws. Both employers and applicants can use this service that police check companies offer. 

Many experts recommend that employers conduct both an Australian police check and right to work check to verify whether or not an applicant can work in the country. Online police checks make the process easier for companies that conduct multiple checks for one applicant.

Today’s companies can conduct background checks through Australian police checks online. This is a fast, convenient, and secure way to do national and international background checks for prospective workers. It’s a service your company or organization might want to check out.

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