5 Things to Consider Before a Split System Installation

5 Things to Consider Before a Split System Installation

Installing a heating system in your home is an important decision that requires several thoughts before you start your discussions with a split system installation Mornington. Even if you do not have an effective plan for installing a split heating system, taking proper care of a few things ensures the longevity of your system. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Choosing the size of the system

When selecting a split heating system, you should consider the size of your home. It is essential to find the size of the system as well to ensure that it is not too big and suits the size of your home. Consulting with a split system installation Mornington Peninsula helps them inspect your home and suggesting the best size of the heating system. Allowing professional installers to determine the size of the heating system you need is the best option.

When it comes to the installation of HVAC equipment, large size is often the practical choice and considered right as far as the level of comfort is concerned. However, the truth is that oversized equipment can shorten its lifespan. Furthermore, the humidity control and temperature of your home become erratic. If you want the system to heat your home appropriately, the technicians should calculate the load of the split system appropriately.

  • Thermostats and filters

Most of the heating systems are compliant with permanent and disposable filters. It would help if you considered whether you want to appoint technicians for cleaning the filters or change them within a couple of months. When it comes to thermostat, you should consider programmable devices that resonate with the heating system. Ask the technicians to get tutorials on using the thermostat if you choose to install it on the system. The technician you want for the work of installation should disclose comprehensive information about the installation of the split heating system to facilitate your decision.

  • Know the time frame 

Ask your installer to provide a specific time frame for the installation work of the heating system so that it does not cause inconvenience to your family. Be sure to get a flexible time frame for them regarding the installation of split heating system.

  • Location of the indoor unit 

Typically, every split heating system contains an outdoor and an indoor unit, and the split system installation service needs to confirm with the homeowner about the correct installation of the system. Often, the location of installation that the contractor decides is different than the thoughts of the homeowner. An ideal option is to refer to the manual so that the distribution of heat covers the room appropriately. Locating the indoor unit too close to where the customers dwell most of the time can result in unwanted noise. Moreover, the heat should not blow directly on the user.

  • Maintenance of the heating system 

The system you choose for heating your home may include a warranty and maintenance plan. You should try to get maintenance services from the same company that conducted the installation of the system. A certified installer and servicing company usually visits your home a couple of times every year to conduct the servicing work and performing the fixes.

Know your options

The process of installing a new split heating system often follows the recommendations you receive from your friends. Remember that the set up of every home is different, so you should not install a heating system that steals your comfort. The ideal process is carrying out thorough research on the options available in the market to enhance the comfort of your home during the winter.

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