5 Tips to Hire a Right Painting Contractor For Well Done house

5 Tips to Hire a Right Painting Contractor For Well Done house

You’ve spent hours poring over home magazines and online articles. Your walls are splattered with sample splotches as you’ve carefully examined each color in different lighting. Finally, you’ve found the perfect color for your space. Now, it’s time to find a perfect painter to match your perfect color. How do find a contractor who will do a great job and not break the bank? Here are a few tips to help you find the best house painting service in Mesa.

 Painting Contractors in Chennai - Well Done House

1) Compare a few different contractors. There are a few different ways to gather contractor information to compare for the job. First, ask friends and family members. If there’s someone’s paint job that you admire, ask them for a reference. You can also look at internet sites or talk to the professionals at the paint stores to get the contact information for different painters. Contact at least three of them and ask for estimates to get a good idea of who will give you the best price.
2) Verify qualifications and insurance. The right house painter will have a contractor’s license. This allows them to be insured. A contractor that isn’t qualified or insured shouldn’t be given the job. As a homeowner, you deserve to be protected should something go wrong with your contractor. Make sure that the person you hire can be held accountable for the job that they do.
3)Have them come out for a bid. While you probably already asked for an over-the-phone estimate, it’s a good idea to have potential contractors come out to your home and take a look at the job. This gives you the chance to ask about the type of paint they use, how many coats will be applied, safety equipment, and their experience. If a prospective painter is hesitant or won’t come out, beware. You want someone who is easy to work with and who answers all of your questions.
4|) Look at reviews and call for references. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. While online reviews are helpful, there’s no way to prove that they are legit. Instead, ask for the names and numbers of a few past clients. This gives you a good idea of what to expect if you hire them.

5) Make sure something is signed. Once you do hire a contractor, it’s important that both of you understand what the other expects. Draft up a contract that includes what is to be painted and cleaned up, what colors will be painted where, the start and end dates, daily start and end times, warranties, and how much will be paid for the services. This prevents miscommunication and other issues.

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