7 benefits of carports in Adelaide

7 benefits of carports in Adelaide

When it comes time for Adelaide homeowners to consider the advantage of carports, installing the structure become an obvious decision. Whether it’s crafted from metal, wood or any other material, a carport importantly provides shelter from elements and a save haven with your car. Anyone who has lived with a carport and then without one will only know too well the difference. For those who don’t truly understand the benefits of having a carport, we have explained them in detail below.

Safety from wild weather

Adelaide is renowned for its unpredictable weather. One day the sun will be scorching and the Mercury will sore to 40 degrees, and the next it will be freezing and pouring with rain. While this type of weather can be fun to live in, it can spell trouble with you car. Sometimes the surface of your car will take a beating, while other’s rain and wind will whip at the bodywork. To ensure your car remains in good condition it needs adequate protection from the elements. Constructing a Western carport in your home provides ideal protection from unpredictable weather.

Peace of mind for singles

When daylight savings disappears and the weather turns cold, most of us arrive home from work when it’s pitch black. Parking on the street can be particularly daunting for individuals when they are alone. Even worse is for those singles who live alone and  have to make the trek to their car to their home that is empty. A carport provides a safe haven for singles, as most likely they are located right near their door and means they don’t have to walk far to get into their house.

Protection against thieves

With crime rates on the rise, many people feel uncomfortable parking their car on the street. Cars can be easy targets for thieves looking for an easy burgle or for a joy ride. They can also attract vandalism and other random attacks. The great thing about a carport is it shields your car against burglars. Western Carports are also generally located near your home so thieves will be less likely to actually step onto your property.

Extra space

Carports don’t just house your cars. Generally, there is enough room in a carport to house other vehicles including bikes and motorcycles. Many households also store equipment and really anything else that you require.


Shade is a necessity in any season. In summer, it’s a must if you want to entertain outdoors and don’t want to get burnt. It also allows your kids to be sun smart, whilst enjoying and playing in the outdoors. Similarly, shade is much sought after in winter, as without it on many occasions you can’t even entertain or do anything outdoors when it’s raining or the wind is fierce.

Increases home value

While you may have no intentions of putting your house on the market at this stage, it’s still important to note that a carport actually enhances the value of your home. Many potential home buyers consider a carport as a prerequisite when evaluating whether a home is suitable for them.


Many homeowners deem carports much more convenient than garages. With a carport, there’s a nice open space, andno door to have to worry about putting up and down. No door is also handy when you are unpacking say shopping from the car and are making multiple trips back and forth.

If you are interested in having a carport constructed on your Adelaide property, talk to the experts in Western carports Adelaide.

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