7 Common Car Battery Problems That Needs To Be Fixed Immediately

7 Common Car Battery Problems That Needs To Be Fixed Immediately

All people make use of their vehicle every day for going to the office, dropping off the kids at school and doing more things. Your car depends up on battery. Its battery helps it down the road.

Let’s imagine you are going for a long drive in an unknown place and suddenly your car stops in the middle of the road. What will you do in this situation?

Battery problem can occur anytime without giving you any warning. Car batteries are considered as a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. These car batteries are made up of lead metal plates that pass the power to the vehicle engine for starting it.

Batteries are the best source because it starts your vehicle in all weather conditions and seasons. Today modern car batteries are reliable and maintenance-free. These batteries have a shelf life of a few years and they will drain quicker due to several problems. This includes disuse, faulty connection, corrosion, short circuit cell failure, broken internal plates due to corrosion and vibration. There are a lot of car batteries problem that needs to be fixed or replaced with a new one.

Here are some car batteries common problems you need to fix it immediately:

Let’s consider below!

Problem #1 : Lose Terminals and Posts:

The battery consists of two terminals. One is considered as positive and another is negative. Both terminal and posts are specifically attached with parts of cars for current supplies. But sometimes due to any reason or stress these connections can break.

Most of the time this problem occurs when bolts and screws used to attach the cable to posts become loose and that the reasons the current can’t flow through them.

Another reason for losing terminals and connection is corrosion. Sometimes driving the car on the rough and bumpy road can break the connection or lose the terminals.

So, if you are trying to start your car but it’s not working then you should check your connection.

Problem #2 : Leave your headlights on:

The main reason for car battery failure is human error. Most the people left the lights on, did not close the trunk completely and forget to close some several internal lights.
The headlight and some internal dim lights can drain your battery very fast. So, it is very necessary when you left your car you must check the internal lights or headlights whether they are off or not.
Sometimes battery drains without any specific reason and the car stops starting than in this situation you can make use of trickle charger to charge your battery.

Trickle charge can charge your battery within low amperage. They slowly charge your battery. Plus, they are also helpful or charge your battery when you don’t use your car.

Problem #3 : Faulty charging:

The battery of car automatically charges when you start-up of the vehicle or drive it. But in some of the case, your car battery is not working or drain while you are driving that means your battery charging system is not working properly. It can be the cause of several reasons like lights, radio, music, and another alternator system.

Sometimes the car battery doesn’t charge due to breakage of connection and terminals. If your battery is not completely charged in any situation then must check all terminals and connections.


Problem #4 : Battery Life:

The average life of a battery is considered to be 4 to 6 years. After 6+ the age of battery is considered as old-time in case you regularly use your car.

After the completion of the average time, these batteries are unable to support the car. In this situation, your battery needs to be replaced.

On the other hand, there are a lot of factors that reduce the life span of battery like battery leakage, radio leak, etc.

Problem #5 : Corroded battery cables and diode:

Sometimes the battery is not working properly when the battery cables and connection gets corroded. For the usage of anything to longer duration maintenance is very important. If your battery is not working properly then you must check the cables and connection. And if you see the sign of dirt and corrosion then immediately clean it with the help of cloth or brush.

On the other side, battery passes the current to the engine for starting the vehicle after that the alternator is responsible for transferring the current to the electric equipment of the car.

If due to any reason the diodes of batteries gets corroded then it damages your battery regularly.

Problem #6 : Extreme Temperature:

Car batteries are massively affected by weather condition like extreme hot and cold temperature. Extreme hot and cold temperature can cause build-up lead sulfate in the battery. If you left your battery in cold or hot weather condition for a long time then the buildup lead sulfate crystal in battery can damage the lifespan of the battery. Moreover, in this situation, the battery takes a lot of time for charging when you drive your vehicle for a small duration.

Problem #7 : Ride out of fuel:

Yes, if you think the fuel doesn’t affect your battery life then you are completely wrong. The low level of fuel or use your vehicle out of fuel reduces the level of electrolyte. Yes, the electrolyte present in the batteries creates the circuit. This reason can cause of battery drain, take for time for battery charge. This is a very important factor that you should keep in mind.
Always check the fuel after every two weeks in case you can use of vehicle regularly. This can prevent you from huge damage and give you long-lasting benefits.


Whether it is a car battery or any other thing maintenance is very important. Batteries are very important for any vehicle. So, it is very important for you to repair your battery issues timely if you want to use it for longer duration. Above are some important factor and problem that you need to fix immediately to increase the lifespan of your car battery.

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