7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Water Mist System

7 Surprising Benefits of Installing a Water Mist System

Water mist systems are replacing conventional sprinklers very rapidly. Water mist systems are fixed fire protection systems that sense smoke or fire and spray tiny water droplets to put out the fire.

The choice of installing a is grounded in the rationale of cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental concern. The benefits of getting a water mist system installed might surprise you:

1. Small Size Droplets

Water mist systems create a mist of droplets as tiny as ones with 1000 microns diameter, according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Since these tiny droplets are released with one or multiple orifices, the water spread is uniform, and the over-surface area of the water droplets is much more than water being sprinkled out. With an overall surface area about 100 times more than sprinklers, water droplets from the mist system are quicker and more effective in extinguishing a fire and wetting the relevant surface area.

2. Water Quantity

The water quantity used by the water mist fire suppression system is much less than a sprinkler. The benefit is twofold; one is that water is consumed in lesser quantity saving direct cost and helping to protect the environment; the second is that the water tanker size required to store water for the system does not need to be large as in the case of a sprinkler. The cost of purchasing and managing a large tank is reduced significantly.

3. Wide Applications

The water mist system is very easy to clean up after it has done its job. Unlike sprinklers that might cause damage to documents, furniture or electronic devices, mist systems do not drench the articles in the room and do not cause harm to things. It is best to install a water suppression system in places where sensitive devices are present or where insurance requirements are particular.

That’s why water mist systems are now the popular choice for data centres, generator rooms, transformer rooms, hotels, hospitals, other commercial buildings. It is also used extensively in factories, LNG platforms, offshore, marine, oil and gas applications.

4. Aesthetics

In many offices, the aesthetics of the interior matters a lot. Water mist systems from companies like IPH Mist Suppression are designed to be visually pleasing while functionally efficient.

The nozzle of a water mist system is usually very discreet and can also be matched to the colour of the interior. Here are some examples of nozzles that are best for fire protection and look beautiful too.

5. No False Alarms

The most frustrating moment is when somebody lights up a cigarette or cooks something that produces smoke only to trigger the sprinkler, unnecessarily wetting the whole room.

A water mist fire system detects heat rather than smoke; it only goes off when something has caught fire. This technology saves valuable assets from being spoiled by water showers now and then.

6. Smoke Washing

In the emergency fire drill training, it is advised to drop down to the floor and crawl out of the room. The reason is that fire produces smoke that rises up and suffocates the people inside the room. Many people have lost their lives in fires not by being burned but by getting asphyxiated.

The water mist system washes away the smoke along with the fire as the mist takes down the smoke to the floor. With the immediate cooling effect of the mist and smoke washing, precious lives can be saved in case of a fire. The value of this benefit is beyond measurement.

7. Cost Competitive

With all the incredible benefits of installing a water mist system instead of a sprinkler, it is only natural to assume that it must be costly.

It might surprise you that water mist systems are available in the market at very affordable prices. The cherry on top is that IPH Mist Suppression also provides a financing facility to make an initial payment and get the product installed in a day. The rest of the dues can be paid later according to a friendly financing plan.

The water mist system is a technological upgrade with no trade-off. The only place where it might not work well is in the open air or areas with strong winds. For the rest of the sites, it is the obvious choice over its substitutes.

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