A hot water system must be chosen wisely in Adelaide

A hot water system must be chosen wisely in Adelaide

A quality hot water system is one of those things you can’t live without in Adelaide. As soon as you experience problems with yours or it breaks down, you need urgent assistant. Let’s face it; no one likes a cold shower, especially in winter.

If your hot water system has just crashed and you need to replace it, consider the following pointers below to ensure you make the right decision.

Not shopping around for alternatives

When your hot water system breaks the only thing you’re focused on is replacing it. When you start having to ensure long showers, you pretty much are up for installing any hot water system your plumber suggests. However, this is the wrong way to go about replacing your system. You need to think about your plumber’s motives and why they are recommending a particular system. It may be that replacing the old system with one that is the same requires a lot less work. It could also be that they are basing it on the companies that they work with. While these issues may assist the plumber, they are not going to help you get the very best hot water system in Adelaide for your needs.

Rather than blindly listening to your plumber it’s important to conduct your own research. Make sure you look at a whole variety of systems and begin comparing the positives and negatives. The main points to consider are the price, type of hot water system and the energy source. All of these factors actually affect the installation price and ongoing running. With hot water making up nearly a quarter of your home’s energy bills, it’s crucial you make the right choice for your household.

The wrong size

Sizing up the system with help you potentially minimize your bills. With hot water making up almost 25 per cent of your home’s energy bills, any chances were you can cut down should be grasped with two hand. Selecting a hot water system that perfectly suits your needs is the key to not breaking the budget. Unfortunately, many households end up purchasing a hot water system that is just to big for what they actually need. This type of purchase results in larger installation and ongoing costs.

For those who are novices, the sizing information can go over your head. The manufacturer make their suggestions generally based on the worst case scenarios, which isn’t useful. They make inflated predictions about your water usage in order not to get in trouble for underestimating. They feel an over exaggeration is better than not having enough water. Therefore, it’s important to choice your machine wisely and pick one that will accommodate your needs, whilst not wasting your money.

If you are unsure how to work out your water consumption then follow this guide. Generally speaking, one person will utilise approximately 50 litres of hot water each day. This of course is going to increase if members of your household enjoy an extra long shower. You must also consider other water usage like the dishwasher running and whether clothes are washed in hot water.

While we have recommended being weary about hot water system supplier’s recommendations, a good way to find out the truth is to get an analysis performed by several suppliers and make a comparison.

For more information about a new hot water system in Adelaide for your home, talk to the friendly team at Premier Gas or alternatively visit their website.

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