Why A Company Need Annual PRO Services In Dubai?

Why A Company Need Annual PRO Services In Dubai?

Public Relations Officer (PRO) is a tailored service that creates convenience, efficiency, progress and smooth operations for any company across any jurisdiction in the UAE.

Despite a great environment and friendly policies, starting and running a business in Dubai is a challenge. As an expat investor, you need to navigate licensing, approvals, regulatory compliance, documentation, lines of credit, and other hassles to set up and run a successful business. All this requires procedural knowledge and time, which you may lack. Here, the PRO services Dubai kicks in, taking care of the entire spadework efficiently and swiftly. Let’s run through a few reasons why a company, small or large, needs annual PRO services in Dubai.

Glitch-free business

The UAE business landscape is governed by certain laws, policies and regulations that change from time to time and vary from one jurisdiction to the other. Take for instance tax regime, which is different in mainland jurisdiction compared to offshore or Freezone. Plus, the tax regime may change over a period, subject to the government’s discretion. Now, you are left to respond, coordinate and comply with these changing regulations or incur delays and penalties. The PRO services in UAE keep you covered here, responding to each notification efficiently and timely, and keeping your organization ready to adjust to the compliance-related changes.

Drafting contracts

The Labour Contract is mandatory to acquire workforce, legitimately. The contract safeguards the employees’ rights pertaining to leaves, salary, work hours, cost of a residency visa and more. The UAE Labour Law No. 8 provisions three types of employment contracts, namely limited term, unlimited term and part-time. A new contract is required whenever a new employee is inducted. While you may lack the eye for detail when drafting labour contracts, the PRO service is proficient in it. The service will draft the contract as per the compliance requirements.

Visa processing

It’s your duty as an employer to ensure a residency visa for your employees. The residency visa comprises the passport of the employee and his/her basic details, along with the work profile, residency number, visa expiry date, and more. The residency visa process may be relatively easier in the UAE but it costs you in time and effort. Put your residency visa hassles to past and let PRO services Dubai navigate you through the process. The service interfaces with the concerned authorities, puts together the required documents and caters to all formalities.

The Emirates ID Processing

It’s mandatory for every expat investor and staff to have an Emirates ID. It’s essentially a card with a magnetic chip carrying pertinent information about the cardholder. The information includes the holder’s name, photograph, DOB, and passport and residency numbers. However, the Emirates ID card processing also requires you to go through the grind. So, it’s advisable to leave the processing part to people who are well equipped to handle it. The PRO service has the resources to process and renew the Emirates ID card without asking for your interference.

The bottom line

Having PRO services in UAE by your side is not a luxury but a bare necessity. It fast tracks processes, eliminate hassles and discrepancies, keep your business legal and running smooth, and free you from unnecessary details to focus more on your core competencies.

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