Answers to the Most Common Questions asked by a Personal Injury Victims

Answers to the Most Common Questions asked by a Personal Injury Victims

When you’re the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, in addition to feeling stressed, awful, and uncertain about the future events, you may have a lot of questions that you need answers to. If you have been injured at the fault of another party you stand a good chance to make that person legally liable to the damages with the help of an experienced and renowned personal injury lawyer Sacramento. But, before you consider consulting a lawyer, here is a list of the most common questions personal injury victims may have and their answers.

Keep reading to be moreclear about personal injury cases:

Can I file a personal injury claim if I was partially at fault?

Yes, you can file a claim for the injuries and damages due to negligence of another person even if you were at fault partially, however, the settlement amount you will receive might be affected.

Do I really need to hire a lawyer for my case?

Personal injury cases are complex. In fact, insurance companies will do their best to pay you as little as they can. If the other person who is responsible for the accident has legal help, their legal team will work to their best capacity to minimize your compensation amount. Moreover, after the accident, from gathering evidence, to keeping records of all important things that may be physical proof of how you have been impacted, there’s a lot to do on your own to prove the other person liable for your injuries. But, making mistakes during this process can both have an impact on your case and the money you will receive as compensation.

Hiring Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney for the bicycle crash accident you’ve suffered will help you make a strong claim for your damages.

How long will it take to get my settled?

This can’t be forecasted for sure. There is no time limit on when your case is going to settle. Your case might get settled in just a couple of months, or it can take years.

What types of damages can I be entitled to recover?

Every personal injury case is unique. You may not qualify to receive compensation for your damage. Here are the damages that may qualify for reimbursement:

● Lost wages due to the accident
● Pain and long-term effects on health
● Your medical bills as a result of injury
● Property and vehicle damage

If you hire an auto accident lawyer Sacramento for your vehicle accident case, he will let you know about the claims you have for your damages.

Do every personal injury case go to court?

personal injury case

The majority of personal injury lawsuits don’t go for trials. There is a high chance that your case could be settled before going to court. However, if a person feels that he’s not getting a fair amount for his damages, the case is likely to go to court for hearings. In fact, it’s good if it goes to court, as you will have increased chances of recovering more for your loss and damages.

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