Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes In 2017 – Looupe Marketing

Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes In 2017 – Looupe Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most essential factors that help in ensuring the success of any online business. Marketing helps in spreading the word about your brand to the potential customers and thus improves sales and conversion rate as well. The web world keeps on changing and new trends are introduced every now and then in it. But you need to be aware of the trends that you need to avoid for the success of your company. So here we are going to have a look at such trends that can ruin your marketing strategy in 2017, which is why you need to avoid them.

Thinking SEO Is Over!


This is one of the biggest mistakes or misconceptions that you can have this year. Search Engine Optimization has been one of the prime factors in online business promotion for years now but recently there have been accusations that SEO is over now. But if talk about the reality here, the optimization of your website for better ranking is one very essential factors for your business success. So you need focus on SEO rather than just leaving it behind.

Awesome Social Media Marketing, Poor Email Marketing
SMM Email Marketing

Yes, it is a global fact that social media has proven to be one of the most effective and powerful business promotion tools in the past few years. But if you look at the bigger picture here, emails are also leading the list of most checked inboxes. So you need to understand that going with full force on social media is great but along with that, you need to stick with the basics and run your email campaign as well. This will help you get far better results by getting more leads and improved business sales.

Forgetting Live Videos

Video Marketing

Video marketing has always been a great booster for business sales and conversion rate. But if you are still focusing on marketing your pre-shot videos, then you are missing out on an awesome opportunity to attract more audience. Live videos are trending these days and people love to buy products or services from the companies that are active and in news. So you need to make sure that you utilize live videos to connect with your audience, let them remotely watch your events and answer their queries on a personalized level.

Sharing Same Content On All Social Media Platforms

Sharing Share

You need to understand this that your audience always expects something new and unique from you. So if you are uploading the same type of content on all social media channels and that too in a repetitive way, you are surely going lose the interest of the audience and thus suffer loss.

Not Utilizing Facebook

Facebook for business

Facebook is the world’s biggest social platform as more than 38% of world population has an account on this site. So if you are not promoting your company products and services on this awesome platform then you might lose a lot of potential customers and not get the desired results easily.

So these were the top mistakes that you need to avoid in your digital marketing strategy this year.

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