Benefits and Challenges of CAD Design, Drafting and 3D Modeling for CAD Outsourcing Projects
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Benefits and Challenges of CAD Design, Drafting and 3D Modeling for CAD Outsourcing Projects

Benefits and Challenges of CAD Design, Drafting and 3D Modeling for CAD Outsourcing Projects

The modern era of the 21st century is getting attracted towards digitization and this is one of the facts that each one of us will be admiring and considering to be moving towards a better workplace. Well, with this saying here we come up with another post that gives a solution to some of the major queries of selecting CAD Outsourcing companies as your business partner for all its need for projects that demand CAD Design and Drafting Services.


Well, before we take this article further, here is a small introduction as well as the history of CAD services. So, have a look and the details as shared below.

Overview of CAD Software or Services

The acronym of CAD is – Computer-Aided Design. The service is undertaken in assistance to create, develop, modify, and have the optimization of design, drawings, and drafting services. There are a lot many advantages of implementing CAD software in construction projects.


If you nderstand the basics of CAD software, the ways and ideas of getting the work done are at a great level, and thus, no matter whatever is the type of the project it is a mandatory process to have the use of CAD software in it.

In simple words to say the result and output of CAD are in the form of submitting data in electronic files that are used for printing, matching, or other manufacturing operational details. Also, there is a time where the term of CADD is also taken into consideration. CADD stands for – Computer-Aided Design and Drafting.

There was a time when only hand-drawn or hand-sketch drawings and designs were taken into consideration for construction projects. This process was indeed time-consuming and which leads to a delay in completing the project in the decided time frame. But with the change in time and technology, the services of CAD were introduced and this was the era where its ability and capability both were measured.

CAD Outsourcing services have turned out to be a booming service and thus with this, it was when an era came where all the manual drawings, designs, and draftings were reproduced and the final outcome was in electronic form. Indeed with the integration of the service, there were companies who have started switching to CAD Services and since then it has become an integral part of every project.

The ability of CAD is to convert all 2D drafting and designs into 3D models that give a realistic view of the project and along with that share the details to the client as to how the project will be looking like and what further changes can be required.

Let us proceed further and check on some of the myths and facts of CAD services and why it has become an integral part to Outsource CAD Drafting services, CAD Designing Services, CAD Drawing Services, or CAD Modeling Services.


Benefits/ Advantages of CAD Services

Taking the discussion further, let us check on some of the benefits of the services that are optimistic as well as realistic in nature.


  • Qualitative CAD Engineering Drawings
    It is a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and professional CAD Designers who are having years of experience in providing CAD services to the project regardless of its size and complexity. The team here is having specialization in providing different types of engineering as well as architectural drawings. For them indeed it is their day-to-day job or work. As they are well-trained in getting the accurate measurement and geometrical shapes and designs of the project.It is also a fact that the CAD outsourcing companies have worked on numerous types of projects that this is why they are able to develop one of the best, and unique methods of gaining accuracy in dimensions of the projects. It is also a fact that it is the team of CAD Drafters who are experts in extracting the exact details for the project with regards to its coordination, locating points, and getting the grids in desired shapes and designs. Thus, with all these points the best option to get the delivery of a project in a qualitative work and way, where no compromising can be considered the decision is to select CAD Outsourcing Firm.
  • Value of Money/ Cost-Effective
    Let us make one thing clear to all those who think that CAD Outsourcing is expensive. Well, in all we can say that the integration of CAD services is worth taking into consideration. Must be having a question as to why and how? So, the answer to this is very simple and accurate. Rather than having the integration of CAD software in-house as your own set up the best is to opt for outsourcing. This methodology will indeed save a lot of money, along with the investment of high value.
  • Time-Saving
    It is that once the formality of signing the agreement for CAD services is finalized, the company further has not to take any kind of headache or worry as to how the work would be completed and in what manner. The whole and sole responsibility, therefore, lies under the hands of the CAD outsourcing company and its team of CAD designers and drafters. Based on the 2D drawings shared by the client, the team takes a deep understanding of it and at the later stages after integrating the CAD software delivers the project in a qualitative way, and this, in turn, turns out to be a cost-effective venture along with getting the delivery of the project in fast turnaround time.Moreover, it is that the business here would get a lot of time and would be freed away from the responsibilities, and this is where they can invest their time in planning as to how they can grow their business and emphasize more on improving other aspects of the business and management that play a vital role.
  • Increased Productivity
    The productivity of the work increased to a great extent. This is indeed one of the greatest successes of outsourcing CAD services to CAD service providers. It is that you may be satisfied with the set of drawings that are being delivered as per the schedules, but for CAD outsourcing companies this is a matter of honor and prestige. It is that the companies are bound to follow as well as perform quality checks for the drawings that are being created and make sure to get them delivered in time. Thus, with the option available in the market to outsource the project, it is a truth that the productivity of the work will be increased and with that clients will be satisfied in reviewing the overall details of their project.
  • Initiate Drafting Standards
    If the designing and drafting of any project are done with the undertaking of a manual process, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the manual drafting that requires proper care and accuracy irrespective of its drawings, designs, dimensions, and much more details. For all such services, there are standards that are being established & this process has been adhered to be followed from the beginning of the project and must always be constant or consistent.

It is with the integration of CAD software there is uniformity in the work that gives conformity to the industry and follows company standards by creating the styles that will be further used for having consistency in the work with 100% accuracy and precision. Moreover, regardless of having any details for the project, with the use of CAD services or software all is possible along with the adherence to required standards and software.

  • Easy Modification
    Any drawings and designs that are being created or developed by the team, need to have a proper revision and has to undergo proper steps and process to get the reviewing of the details in-depth and thoroughly. No matter whether the team or the company is working with the traditional method on paper or with CAD, there will always be a need or necessity to modify these drawings in either of the ways. If the drawings are done on paper, and if there are any changes to be done, then the process will be to erase the drawings and redraw the design or drawing as a required post revision.Well, with the integration of CAD, or using CAD software the manual editing work can be eliminated and this is because of the tools that CAD provides for ensuring that the editing work completed is with accuracy and perfection. Since it is entirely a new process and concept one thing that we can say is that we need to let go of the traditional as well as the manual method which is always time-consuming as well as not appropriate.


Challenges Using CAD Software:

Well, now let us proceed further and have a look at the challenges that are also part of the service or when initiating outsourcing CAD services.

  • While integrating CAD software in the organization, the biggest drawback is with regards to the consumption of high computer processing power.
  • There is a need to have high-quality computer hardware, which turns out to be a costly investment.


  • If using CAM apart from CAD, this too will demand integration of advanced manufacturing devices, which again raises the cost of investment.


  • The flexibility of the software increases once the demand for the same rises.


  • This will thus make the software more complex and costly increases.


  • The security of the data is at stake because there is no authenticity and if the system crashes all the data will be deleted /lost without any backup.


  • Since all the information stored is in a cloud server, the chances of getting the server hacked too increase.
  • CAD software always demands regular software update along with the operating system update. This in turn is the venture that requires a high cost of investment.


  • Purchasing CAD software and then having its regular maintenance and updates is every now and then an expensive investment.


Final Words:

While reading out this article, it is very much clear that any service that is being launched in the market to make the workflow simpler, easier, or faster always has both challenges and benefits. CAD Outsourcing Services is a pioneered company that is the #1 choice amongst its clients when it comes to outsourcing projects with the use of CAD software and that too which is cost-effective and data-driven.


Feel free to contact us or connect with us, to discuss further the details and process of the service and how the process is beneficial for your project.


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