Advantages And Disadvantages of Artificial Indoor Plants

Advantages And Disadvantages of Artificial Indoor Plants

Artificial indoor plants are widely used across the world, in residential or official places. These plants not only add natural beauty but also spread the magic aura that keeps people refreshed and lively. While these indoor plants are the much talked about thing these days, it has both benefits and flaws attached to it which have been discussed below.

Benefits of Artificial Indoor Plants

  1. Flexible use: With artificial plants having no specific requirement, it can be placed anywhere one wants. Moreover you can pick up any size and type according to the place you wish to keep it.
  2. No waiting time: Using artificial plants does not require individual to wait, instead plants can be purchased and directly installed. However before installation, it is strictly recommended to soak them in warm water, such that more realistic look can be given to the plant.
  3. Maintenance free: When it comes to the maintenance of plants, it is totally simple and easy to do. All you have to do is remove and rinse. These plants can also be placed in a plastic plant cleaner, and rinsed before placing them to the original place.
  4. Safe to use: As these artificial plants have not been removed from bodies of water, placing them in office or houses does not expose you to parasites, pests or other foreign elements. Hence it is completely safe to use in any environment or place.
  5. Durable: As these artificial plants does not needs any sort of care or specific environment, they last for a long period of time without getting affected. Such durable plants can be easily hired from Plant Hire Melbourne and placed as per the requirement of an individual or place.

Flaws of Artificial Indoor Plants

After having a look at the benefits of artificial indoor plants, let’s see what its flaws are and how can it affect us.

  1. Made up of chemicals: Most of the artificial indoor plants are made of chemicals and PVC, which is quite harmful to the environment and people living within it. Hence these plants can bring sudden changes in the local environment, affecting people harmfully or creating problems for them to safely breathe.
  2. Non Bio-degradable: One of the biggest flaws of using artificial indoor plants are it is made of non-bio-degradable components. This means, the substances cannot be broken down easily to mix it with soil or environment without harming people relating to it. Hence the substances or parts of such plants shall remain for a long period of time.
  3. No changes in environment: Unlike real plants artificial plants does not bring any improvement in the environment. Hence one cannot expect to get rid of pollutants or chemicals which are present in the air. These plants are just good for enhancing the looks of place, bringing no improvement in the life of people.

From the above mentioned facts, it can be very well understood that every story has two sides to it and same goes in the case of artificial indoor plants. While these plants prove to be a great addition to bring in changes in the appearance of the place, it does not provide any benefit to the people or environment as a whole. For companies or people, who would rather like to buy or plant hire Melbourne they should probably go for the best company in town that is known to offer quality plants that least harms the environment. Out of various company options available in the market, Foliage Indoor Plants Hire is one of the best companies to choose for hiring indoor plants and getting them placed within the premises. They ensure to provide you best quality plants, which not only enhances the looks of your place but also makes the place look livelier. Nothing beats the beauty of nature.

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