Best Indoor Plants Melbourne

Best Indoor Plants Melbourne

Plants used in the workplace bring along a wide range of benefits like increased oxygen levels, stress reduction, constant improvement in employee productivity and wellbeing. In case you are looking for a way that can bring a positive change to the workplace environment and promote a sense of relaxation then try using some greenery. And I am sure this will be the perfect solution to bring positivity to your workplace. Indoor office plants at Melbourne not only changes the environment but also brings health benefits for the people working there. Some of the health benefits include improved quality of air and minimising various types of sicknesses such as headaches, fatigue and skin and eye irritations. Reduction of such things will lead to happier workers and more productive work time!

Some Plants That Bring Change

These plants create the first and better impression to the visitors visiting your workplace. Walking into an office that’s decorated with such greenery is one of the best impressions that one can get by looking at them. Why don’t you read on further to know about some plants that you can also include at your workplaces and make it a better place to work in

  • Desk Plants

Bromeliads are considered to be the most used desk plant that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that can grow indoors as well as outdoors. They enjoy warmth and humidity but also have a good air movement. All you need to do is to frequently water them since they need extra care and attention during hot weather or heated conditions.  Another famous one is Peace Lilies that are one of the most popular office desk decors only because they look attractive, glossy foliage and frequent blooms. These plants prefer only moist conditions and turn brown if they do not get enough humidity. To keep your Peace Lily in the best of conditions, then you need to keep them far away from sunlight as they hardly require any light.

  • Floor Plants

Dragon Trees are attractive floor plants that are widely used in home, office and commercial décor in Australia. They have a figure that is similar to tall snake-like trunks that have the capability to grow up to three metres high. They also have green and pink leaves that are can beautify any indoor space. They perform best in a well-lit environment to maximise leaf colouring and this is the reason why they are used in most of the offices. Another ideal plant available in the market is Zanzibar Gems that is purely meant for busy workers. The reason for them being used in offices is because they can grow in dry and shaded areas. They also possess the feature of brightening up any place through thick tube-like stems. They require less water during winter and all you need to do is to keep the leaves clean by wiping them with a damp cloth. Moreover, the last suggestion is Fiddle-leaf Figs that are tropical looking plants with long stems and large glossy leaves. They are used in many of the offices out there since they look trendy and fit easily in any corners of the office. The frequency of watering depends on the amount of light it receives from the sun.


Bring natural effects, colour and style to your offices with some of the best Indoor Office Plants at Melbourne from Foliage indoor plant hire and get your company converted with the most their most creative designs and experience.

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