Why ‘No’ CS Cart? Are you Looking For Something Better Than CS Cart Development Services?

Why ‘No’ CS Cart? Are you Looking For Something Better Than CS Cart Development Services?

CS Cart is one of the platforms that charge at a sky-touching price and offers very little when it comes to eCommerce features. Besides being open-source you could not edit its default features, core files cannot be edited which is a huge drawback for the ones who have already taken up the subscription and haven’t thought of it. It let the sellers in a niche marketplace to only collect the reviews and ratings only for the product, and its seller. There is no provision to rate packaging, shipment, Rating badges for vendors based on their performance. For guest ratings and reviews there is a paid addon available.

Like almost every essential feature that a marketplace website development company should provide for free are either paid or in many cases, not available in CS-cart. A good RMA is to retain the existing customer base and tract more new customers as well-defined return and exchange policies to help build trust between the seller and the customer.

Though it has a return management system there is no provision of the exchange management system in CS-Cart. Features which are essential for the sellers, like, Frontend Seller Registration form, Setting up separate shipping fee for a client category and manufacturer, State/District/Zip based setting of shipping fee, efficient coupon management with provision to per user coupon usage limit, overall coupon usage limit, maximum overall discount limit, maximum discount on single-use, shipping/billing address based coupon, and total coupon redemption stats are not available in CS-cart.

Coupons are very essential for gaining traffic and getting more conversion to purchases. But inefficient coupon management could be disasters to your marketplace and could result in lesser ROI. Not only this, but CS-cart also has a very weak tax management system. The tax could not be created based on the cart value, start and expiry dates couldn’t be entitled with a tax rule, no bill amount or client category filter for tax rules. What happens next? It is behaviorally expected that when a marketplace doesn’t offer much you as a store owner lookout for the service providers that could build custom plugins based on your requirements.

In CS-cart, there are also third-party companies that provide cs cart development services. But, the issue with them could be the cost you factor for the time they input dedicatedly to your project, the customer care they provide once the deal is done and there is a proper cash flow between you and service provider, and the communication established, and lastly the frequency of delivery. There will definitely be issues with all such factors. 

What is the best way to go for it? Sellacious – the ultimate platform to build your niche or multi vendor marketplace websites within 15 minutes and for free. There is absolutely no hassle in creating one for yourselves. All you need is to download the quickstart package, host it on our provided hosting(for better performance guaranteed) or on your owned hosting. And yes, it is done. You’ll be brought to a Joomla dashboard with a high-end easy to understand frontend dashboard where you could manage your storefront, product, payments gateways, transactions, features, orders, and much more with just enable/disable feature switches. No matter even if you don’t possess technical knowledge, you could apply a feature and preview its effect across the whole of the marketplace before taking it to live. 

With Sellacious you not only overcome all of the challenges being faced when using platforms like CS-cart but also get access to more features that could help you create a potential online store. With more than 5000 eCommerce features available it is easy to create both b2b or b2c marketplace. In fact, advance permissions could be set in a multivendor marketplace by admin for its registered vendors. 

We believe that a customer should not be left helpless by just providing merry documentation to resolve all their issues which they face while creating and managing an online store. Sellacious has a team of expert customer care executives that are always up to help you over the technical as well as business issues. These are just a glimpse. There is much more to discover when using Sellacious. Grow your catalog, target audience, eCommerce sales exponentially with Selllacious.

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