Booth Design Ideas to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Booth Design Ideas to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Boring displays kill your chances of a successful turnout at trade shows. If you want to increase the number of qualified leads you’ll get, improve visibility for your brand and business, and expand your consumer base, you’ll need to work hard at getting your exhibition booth design right. Here are ideas to help you get your company’s products or services noticed.

Prepare Early

Little to no preparation will lead to lackluster results. If you don’t want to end up with poorly-done displays, then start preparing months before the event, Inc. says. With ample research and patience, finding a display builder that can meet your specifications and provide stellar displays will be easy.

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Know Your Competition

You’re not operating in a vacuum here. When you participate in a trade show, you’ll be competing with a ton of vendors. They’ll be marketing to your customers and selling more or less the same products or services. The first step to outperform your competitors is to know who they are. Find out which companies are you up against. You’ll have a better idea of how to improve your Types of tradeshows displays after that.

Be Creative with Your Displays

Boring, cookie-cutter displays won’t get you more than a passing glance. Capture the attention of your audience with creative displays. Appeal to what they want. That’s easier to do when you partner with a display provider that knows and understands what works with your audience. Keep that in mind when you look for display options.

Upgrade to Interactive Options

People are visual. By choosing interactive displays, you can draw more people to your booth. If you’re launching a new product or service, or you’re trying to build brand awareness, use interactive displays to get your target market to pay attention to you.

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Don’t Neglect the Copy

The perfect visuals combine text and image. Eye-catching visuals mean nothing if the text is incorrect or inaccurate, the Handshake says. Always check the information on your displays before you put them up. This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many people miss the simplest mistakes. A missing letter from your email address or the wrong sequence of numbers in your contact information can lead to lost leads and revenue.

Match the Design and Brand

Branding helps you set your products or services apart from the rest. But with plenty of options that clutter the marketplace, it can be tough to get people to give your company a try. However, a booth that captures the personality and character of your brand can get people interested enough that they’re more likely to spend money on you than on your competitors.

Pick the Right Colors

Talk to your display provider about using eye-catching colors. However, make sure that the colors are connected to your logo or company colors. Similar shades could work. Discuss possible options with your display builder and figure out which colors will create the most impact on potential customers when they see your booth on the floor.

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