My budget wedding planning tips but not cheap

My budget wedding planning tips but not cheap

Wedding is not always about expensive spending. We mean to say that it is not necessary that you have to spend lot of money on it. It is your wedding and you can have it as you want it rather than as others go you have to go, it is not the thing. Budget friendly weddings are good. Actually those who want to have simplistic wedding, and those who think that spending money on wedding is unnecessary; they plan the budget wedding where you can invite your closed ones, with simple, sober and delightful décor you can have your wedding. And apart from all, the choice is yours that what kind of wedding you want to host.

So for you, here are tips for planning a budget friendly wedding. Don’t think that it is for those who don’t have money!

Get glued to a budget: Whatever kind of wedding you are going to have, that is your dream wedding. Whether it is just simple, sober emanating only the love through floral decoration or it is a grand one where you have the fire crackers’ show for guests’ entertainment. It depends on you. But the important thing is “Fix a budget”. You have to fix a budget that you want to host the wedding certain amount of budget rather than stretching it whenever the requirements come. Pre decide everything properly and fix the budget for the wedding, and keep one thing in your mind that you are not going above it. Just get glued to a budget.


Decide the priorities: for the budget wedding, first you need to decide the priorities, that what you want to have in your wedding or what not. Sit with your partner and closed ones, and decide everything whether it is about wedding décor, food, outfits, guests list, sitting arrangements. You have to brood over everything. Prioritizing saves the money also and budgets too.

Wedding fund: how much you are investing in your wedding? It is the important question to ask yourself. Though it is totally your concern but fund matters because it is your budget wedding, so it is a kind of limited fund, which you don’t want to extend perhaps. And it becomes more important if you take loan for the wedding.

Make a list: For proper arrangements you should make a spreadsheet. This helps you in seeing where your money is going and in what section of wedding planning. Here is a quick look what section you should include provided when you need you can immediately see what cost you how much.

  • Scheduling wedding
  • Choosing location
  • Guests list
  • Outfits buying
  • Invitation making
  • Food planning
  • Music planning
  • Wedding décor

At the end, whatever you think is best for your wedding, do it keeping the budget in eyes. Plan best, invite closed, cook delicious and enjoy the wedding.

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