Can I Patent an Idea for an App: An Ultimate Guide

Can I Patent an Idea for an App: An Ultimate Guide

A patent can not be done only in machines, products, or methods. But you can also copyright your idea for developing an app. There Is too much competition in developing the best mobile app and How to patent an app idea?. Are you afraid that you might steal?

There is the intellectual property law for the individual patent, trademark, and copyright law which secure the ideas for the mobile applications. Therefore, many businessmen and entrepreneurs file patent applications. So that nobody can steal them, or use them and make them and sell them.

Patenting is important in the app development sector so that others will not steal the idea and get profit. Therefore, your efforts will not go in vain, Patent Services USA protects your idea by patenting it. Though, the startups and entrepreneurs have this question in their mind: “How to patent an app idea”.

In this article, details of why and how can you patent an app idea is given-

Requirement for the Patent App Idea

When you think of an idea for the app, the thing you worry about is whether your idea is safe or not?. Your app idea needs shielding so that it can be your personal intellectual property. Therefore, if any party tries to overstep the present law. Then compensation is given to you for your official patent as per the rules of the patent services of the USA. Some of the important reason for patenting an app idea is necessary for you:-

  • You can impeach every counterfeit of your original application which comes into existence before or list it in the end.
  • Your patent proves that your idea is unique and is original legally.
  • Stealing parties cannot make use of your mobile app idea economically.

To Patent the App Idea You Need to Qualify Some Criteria

Some of the points which you must keep in your mind decide whether your idea will get the patent or not.

1. The idea must contain originality

When you file a patent application it will secure your creative idea from stealing. Therefore, WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization) invention provides a solution to every question. As we know app ideas are not physical things, this method or process is known as invention. However, this method can easily fix any question like any creation.

2. App idea must be unique and authentic

Your app idea resolves all the issues which the customers have. But it does not mean that it can qualify the criteria to get the patent as per patent services of the USA. Therefore, to get the patent for your app idea it must be original and new. Before patenting, you must not showcase your idea publicly like through videos, books, articles, or any other sources. It cannot be the existing idea and must be unique to qualify for patent law.

3. Detailing of the app idea is necessary to qualify

To qualify your application does not mean that your app idea cannot be under the entertainment group or anything similar to this. Therefore, your app just needs to be good when described in detail. These criteria will not let these apps qualify for patenting as they are not useful.

However, you need to provide good detailing about your app to declare it as your capital.

How can you patent an app?

When you have gone through the requirements for filing the patent application then you will go ahead with patenting an app. Therefore, for filing a patent you need to consult with your attorney to reach a good conclusion. After discussing with him you will get to know about your invention’s popularity in the market. And then you will get the confidence that it is a good move to patent your idea.

Now the question which will pop up in your mind is how to patent your app idea.? Foremost you have to go through the ‘Novelty test’.Therefore, this can be done by using modern technologies or the one which is there but uniquely.

  • You have gone through the tests which will let you know that your idea is not obvious to the expert app developers. You must meet up the criteria that your idea is not already existing in the market. And this search of the existing patent is the first step to go for patenting an app.
  • Now the next step is to find a lawyer who specializes in Intellectual property. However, it will increase your budget for the whole process. Though it is possible to file them individually which is the provisional application it is time taking.

However, there are some things which you should know about the patent services of the USA. The patent idea should not be revealed in the public or come into existence in the market before the patenting.

There is no simple way to answer that you can file a patent or not but remember you can do so. Every app varies in situations therefore, there are reasons you want to choose them for a patent or not. In the software world patenting takes too much money and time so be ready for it.

Conclusion Thoughts

You must search it out clearly before patenting that your invention is already existing or not. If your invention is already there, then there are fewer chances to patent your invention. Therefore, you must change or make some innovation and put new ideas into your invention to make it better. The range of the provisional patent lies between $2000-$5000 and for non-provisional patents, it is between $10000-$15000.

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