Can You Wash Shoes With Clothes in a Front Load Washer?   

Can You Wash Shoes With Clothes in a Front Load Washer?   

If you want to make your white sneakers appear whiter or a dull color pop out, you need to wash them properly. A lot of people don’t like to wash their shoes by hand. Sometimes they have some laundry that needs to be washed, so they may be tempted to wash their shoes and cloth together. This is exclusively common when using a washing machine. Here comes a question, is it a good practice to wash your cloth and shoes together?

If you want to know the safe methods to wash your shoes with clothes together, continue reading.

Don’t wash your shoes and clothes together. Why? Because washing clothes and shoes together can damage the clothes due to collisions during the washing cycle. If you don’t want to change clothes right away, it’s a good idea to sort your laundry so that you can wash your laundry and your shoes separately.

Reasons washing clothes with shoes is not suitable

Besides accelerating the wear of clothes and shoes, there are many other reasons to be discouraged by this idea.

Risk of Staining

Clothes and shoes are made up of different color patterns and materials. Washing your shoes with clothes can stain your sneakers, depending on the material. For example, lint from clothing can stain white sneakers. That means there is extra work you have to do. The easiest way is to avoid such kind of act. It is advised to wash your shoes and clothes separately. 


Putting shoes and clothes in the washing machine can cause a collision during the washing process. This process will lead to the tangle in the clothes. If it persists for a long time, the hard surface of the shoe and the soft fabric can lead to disfigurement. In comparison to clothes, shoes are made of hard and rough material. Washing them together may end up causing the clothes to tear or stretch. 

Simultaneous rinse cycle

Another reason you shouldn’t wash your shoes with your clothes is because both shoes require different wash cycles. They have different temperatures and conditions to get the best wash results. We recommend using cold water with a low spin rate when washing shoes. On the other hand, clothing requires different washing cycles and conditions for different fabrics. For example, cold water is recommended for dark colors. At the same time, warm water is recommended for synthetic fibers and permanent press fabrics.

Washing shoes and clothes together is a compromise when cleaning one item. In that case, it shouldn’t wash shoes or clothing thoroughly.

So what’s the solution?

 To avoid all of these situations, get in the habit of sorting your clothes. It means separating the clothes from the shoes and separating them with the cloth. For example, washing clothes with a towel is a bad idea. This is because the lint from the clothes will stick to the towels. So, sort your clothes before washing them and wash them as needed.

Can you put shoes in a front load washer?

In short, the answer is “Yes.” You can wash your sneakers in washing machines. But it requires special care. Shoes made from delicate materials such as satin, silk, or embellished require special cleaning. Before washing them in a washer, follow the following instructions to avoid damage. 

One must read the instructions mentioned on a label by the company. These suggestions are for a user guide to ensure that you don’t damage your shoes. The same goes for the shoe fabric material. For instance, canvas or athletic shoes are cottons, nylon, or polyester. These materials are easy and safe to wash in a loader machine. Moreover, you can also use detergents to make the process friendly because their hardy fabric can withstand most laundry detergents.

Not all shoes are machine washable. Some require hand washing. This includes shoes made of suede, rubber, leather, silk, and vinyl. Here is the list of those categories of shoes that you should avoid washing in the machine. 

  1. Shoes made up of animal-based fabric such as suede or leather
  2. Embellished or delicate shoe featured with embroidery
  3. Aesthetic embroidered shoes made up for special occasions 
  4. Silk or satin material based shoes

Step by step process to wash shoes in a washing machine

Step 1

Please read the label carefully on the shoe to ensure it is machine washable. If possible, go to the next step. If not, we recommend washing your shoes by hand.

Step 2

Remove the shoelaces and wipe off any loose dirt from the surface so you can put your shoes in the washing machine. You can use an old toothbrush to get into a small area and use a large brush with bristles on the shoe’s surface. Hold your shoes under the running faucet for more obvious or stubborn stains to remove excess stains and stains. If you take the time to prepare your shoes like this, the washing machine can do its job effectively and efficiently.

Step 3

Wash the insoles using warm water and detergent to get rid of the odor from your shoes.

Step 4

After cleaning the dirt, place your shoes under tap water to wash away any soap residue.

Step 5

Place your shoes in a mesh bag. Make sure to close the bag properly. If you don’t have a mesh bag, you can use a pillowcase for that purpose.

Step 6

Put 4-6 old towels in the washing machine for extra stuffing. It also reduces the impact of shoes on the machine. That’s how you protect your shoes from damage.

Step 7

Use liquid detergent instead of detergent powder. The detergent powder can clog your shoes if it does not dissolve completely.

Step 8

Set the timer on a delicate wash, and don’t forget to use cold water for your shoes.

Step 9

At the end of the wash, remove the shoes from the mesh bag. If you put the laces in another mesh bag, be sure to remove them as well. Place your shoes in an open area and air dry. Pack a paper towel to absorb excess water if you want to dry quickly.

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